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ASUS ROG Strix Scar 17 - Best laptop I ever had.

Level 7

As says in title it is what it is. Its a 4090, Ryzen 9 7945HX3D, 32GB version.

I will be honest and say, laptop had software issues that required fixes. Those are: the laptop freezing after going in sleeping mode and the integrated graphics being so slow, that the launched steam tab was opening for like 20 secs.

But after some manual driver installation and with use of MyASUS diagnostics, laptop now is perfect. I tuned up voltage on CPU, undervolting it a little bit, and now under hardest loads my laptop never gets hotter than 77*, and with use of lifting pad, to raise the bottom of laptop for better ventilation (I use two forks for that lmao) the temps are never topping 73* (IMO the lower the temps the longer your hardware will last.)

My previous laptop was top end MSI GE75 Raider 9SG with RTX 2080 and it honestly just died not long after a year. From day one, CPU and GPU temps where just over 90*, after 7 month, GPU just died, year later a famous hinge problem occured. I will say it was not terrible but a really "Meh" experience.

So thats why build quality of frame and temps are my biggest concerns about laptop. And case quality, despite it being plastic, is just far better than MSI, it feels durable and solid and keyboard doesnt press at all. I think temps doesnt need further clarification.

Just wanted to share an experience with people who would consider buy it and just for overall peoples opinion on ASUS laptops.