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Asus Rog Strix Scar 17 ASUS Component Firmware Update error

Level 7

Hello everyone
Yesterday i noticed in device manager on my Rog Strix Scar 17 G733PZ that under the list "Firmware" there is "Asus component firmware update" with a yellow triangle and by checking events in driver description i noticed that is a component that fails to initialize and gives error. It says precisely that my device configured oem29.inf - WUDFRd - oem21.inf. All these ciomponents are configured but are not initializing, hence the yellow error triangle. What can i do to solve? Can i uninstall the driver and install it again through windows update? Thank for all your answers.


Level 12

You will find all the necessary drivers on the recovery partition.

Can you please elaborate on the procedure i have to do to actually fix the problem?

The idea is to extract the drivers from the recovery partition, as they are strictly designed for your hardware and are tested by the manufacturer.

No offense, you are talking but you're not saying anything really. You are giving me 0 explaination as to what do i have to do to solve the problem, if you don't know how or have never experienced in first or third person the problem then just say so instead of telling people yo extract the driver from the recovery partition, i obviously have no idea how to look for the driver i am missing or i wouldn't have done the post and neither do you apparently. Just say so.

Level 12

In the Windows Disk Manager, you have all the partitions graphically displayed on your system drive. The recovery partition is not assigned a letter, so it is not visible to the system. Assign a letter to it and copy the drivers to another medium.