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Asus ROG Strix Scar 16 (G634JZ) RTX 4080 is stuttering when using the discrete GPU

Level 9

Got this laptop last June 15 and I noticed that when using Ultimate in GPU mode in the Armoury Crate, games are stuttering really hard to the point that it's unplayable. They're also have lower FPS when the stuttering isn't happening. One of the things I noticed it that the GPU usage fluctuates between 50-99%.

The stuttering disappears once I use Standar in GPU mode which allows me to enable advanced optimus in the nvidia control panel, but that mode is busted too because I can't control the brightness level, the screen's brightness overly bright and it hurst my eye, and my display settings are detecting 2 monitors. So I'm avoiding that mode for now too.

Games which I've obeserved the stuttering:

  • Red Dead Redemption2
  • Cyberpunk 2077

I've yet to test other GPU intensive games, but so far the stuttering isn't present in games like DoTA2, Valorant or other non GPU intensive titles. I've tried using the recommended Nvidia drivers from the device's support page and clean installed my GPU drivers using DDU. I also tried fresh reinstalling windows but still nothing. I don't wanna update my BIOS though cause there seems to be an issue with ASUS laptops in updating the BIOS.


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there might be problem on your hardware if that's the case.  i used ultimate since i bought my Scar 16 rtx 4090 laptop. never experienced any stuttering in apps and other games.  only in cp 2077.  

it happens in all REBAR supported games, cyberpunk is one of them

starfield, RDR2, ac mirage, is about 22 games 

4090 scar 16 here too

Do you have mini led screen?

Yes the nebula hdr 1100 nits mini led 

Whats your peak brightness?

Check my private message and my thread


1 month of use and still there is no fix in sight. My only hope is a BIOS update since this maybe hardware related. 

As of Aug 23, 2023. I've yet to find a solution. ASUS support is really taking their time with my ticket lol. They said it's still in their local support group blah blah. Shame. It only happens in 2 games though. Seems like I'd have to make do with standard mode (which is also buggy).

Yeah, i stopped using ultimate gpu mode until it’s fixed, it’s a software issue most probably. Standard gpu with advanced optimus works fine and i use it for now. 

it happens on all REBAR supported games, 22 games 

Level 10

I am experiencing this issue now too. Only recently started. I have had 2 rog laptops and always ran them in Ultimate gpu mode. However now in Ultimate I am getting bad stuttering in games and also fails the UFO display test. Following this thread I have just switched back to standard and using optimus and games are much much better. Bios version 318.