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Asus ROG Strix Scar 16 (G634JZ) RTX 4080 is stuttering when using the discrete GPU

Level 9

Got this laptop last June 15 and I noticed that when using Ultimate in GPU mode in the Armoury Crate, games are stuttering really hard to the point that it's unplayable. They're also have lower FPS when the stuttering isn't happening. One of the things I noticed it that the GPU usage fluctuates between 50-99%.

The stuttering disappears once I use Standar in GPU mode which allows me to enable advanced optimus in the nvidia control panel, but that mode is busted too because I can't control the brightness level, the screen's brightness overly bright and it hurst my eye, and my display settings are detecting 2 monitors. So I'm avoiding that mode for now too.

Games which I've obeserved the stuttering:

  • Red Dead Redemption2
  • Cyberpunk 2077

I've yet to test other GPU intensive games, but so far the stuttering isn't present in games like DoTA2, Valorant or other non GPU intensive titles. I've tried using the recommended Nvidia drivers from the device's support page and clean installed my GPU drivers using DDU. I also tried fresh reinstalling windows but still nothing. I don't wanna update my BIOS though cause there seems to be an issue with ASUS laptops in updating the BIOS.


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I completely agree with you my friend, but for example, i see almost no one complaining on those 3 nvidia driver threads - an nvidia employee told user Daniel shawn this


Nvidia engineer "this maybe specific to this laptop model"

They think this is a smaller problem and only affect by a small group of people basically 

People need to complain here but on on those 3 threads too, and everytime a nee driver is out they create new discussion threads, people needs to remind them this is not fixed

Also, completely agree with you, we shouldn't troubleshoot anything, we bought the laptop to use it, not for search for solutions of issues...

Also, is very easy to reproduce the stutter problem, PLAY REBAR GAME + ULTIMATE MODE ON, done...

Besides, dealing with unexpected  starfield massive stutter, ive spent weeks researching what was causing it (it is rebar..ofc)

Other issues with my scar 16 2023

1) Why the gpu appears as an ejectable device like a USB pen drive and why the issue is only fixed with installing the touchpad driver? (spent days searching for solution) 

2) Why are the bios updated trough windows update, making it mandatory to install it, everytime a new bios is out? Sometimes bios can have big issues (319), and if you try to rollback, windows will install the newest one

3) Why theres no Color profile driver like the HDR certification driver on the driver webpage of this scar 16 model? (only armor crate installs the color profile, what about creating a standalone driver?)

4) Theres a bug/glitch about the peak brightness measure on windows 11, if you do a clean windows install and are using ultimate mode, windows 11 screen details will show 622 nits peak brightness

The correct peak brightness is 1260nits, of miniled scar 16 2023, the only way to show the correct peak brightness is by using hybrid mode during a clean windows install

(i confirmed this with other scar 16miniled users)

5) Why do i need to manually install the wifi driver when doing a clean windows install, or else you cant continue the windows installation because no internet, the touchpad doesn't work also during clean windows install 

And finally

6) I notice minor screen flickering while using a browser since day1, the screen flickering happens with random websites, strangely, this website is fine, YouTube not a single problem, this i really dont know what's causing this, gaming or watching movie everything fine (until now it seems im the only one affected by this, could be opera only causing this? Need to do more research...)

EDIT - im not the only one


And maybe im missing more issues that im not remembering right now





Thanks for the reply to the questions

Please sign my petition please and like my post

And... We could always ask for a refund, regarding the rebar stutter, becauce more games will come out with rebar, do they need to manually fix the issue???

They will stop supporting this models soon enough when 2024 models come out... 

Man... I didn't know there were so many issues. Especially the screen. This is madness.

The mandatory BIOS update—100%, it should be optional.

About the screen flickering in a browser, I've seen it too, though it doesn't happen a lot. I can't reproduce it. Very fast blink of some grid-like visuals when scrolling. I initially thought it was my monitor or something, but I haven't seen it on any of my other machines before. I mainly use Chrome, and I found online that disabling smooth scrolling is a workaround. It did solve it for me, maybe it'll work for Opera.

I thought the 546.17 driver at least solved the rebar stutter from some rebar games when everyone said that the stutter is gone for Cyberpunk, but it turns out it didn't. I bought the Dead Space remake, and it was stuttering in Ultimate mode. I believe you that new games with rebar will likely stutter. I'll be sure to post on those Nvidia threads if the problem persists.

It's so weird that we have to bring up the issues to Nvidia people. As you said, we bought it from Asus and use it. When there's a problem that's not a user error, we bring it up, and Asus should handle it. Now there's a potential error in some internal parts of the product, and WE have to speak to the manufacturers of those internal parts?

re: Signing the petition - Sure! Will do.

Thanks so much about the advice for the screen flickering mate, i will give it a shot

And i was thinking was because of miniled screen and you dont have miniled screen, and yet you have the issue too

I was wrong not ask about this to users without miniled

Regarding the stuttering issue 

The problem is, people like you and me, are rare...

People share bad information, when i noticed the stutter, many people were saying its the bios, or windows update, or nvidia driver, etc etc

So many misinformation given everywhere and everytime

Many people turn off Rebar and are happy - they dont care at all

We are talking about expensive products, this are luxury items, this is no joke

I mean i own a legion 7 3080 which cost half of my scar 16 4090 and yet all rebar games run fine 

And i dont even wanna talk about the other stupid asus issues i mentioned in the big post before


Nvidia will release a new driver for avatar frontiers of pandora i advice everyone to post on the nvidia driver thread about the rebar situation

Im getting tired of this, 6 months, they only fixed 2 games 

Level 10

Ok, what can i do to help? should i install Red Dead Redemption 2 and try it on my laptop to see if i have the same stuttering problem i had with cyberpunk 2077? ok i will do it  when i come back home, and i will let you know, it is also a chance for me to see how it looks with higher settings than when i played the first time on a gtx 1080 (btw it was already devastatingly beautiful). are there any other ReBar enabled games that has the same stuttering problems? if i have them in my collection i will try them.  Just a reminder that my model is "Scar 18" the variant with rtx 4090, so no miniled monitor (unfortunately  😃)

Red dead redemption 2 if you can test. It was my main issue btw. I don’t think anyone has reported if AC Mirage and Metro exodus are fixed either. I own those both but I don’t have time to install them again for now.

MikeyMikey confirmed yesterday, metro exodus is not fixed and dead space remake suffers from the same issue

Heres the complete list of rebar games


I will test ac mirage next week when avatar frontiers of pandora come out

Regarding your question how to use the log tool, i didn't try it yet, i can ask the asus employee to make a tutorial but i dont know if hes going to answer

Ask Anbby_ROG too


Do this!

Complete list of REBAR games, do you have any of these? 


Also, i will add new information in this thread about, this stuttering with rebar games situation, check new posts

Could be a solution maybe and check PM and sign my petition and like my post


Saw your RDR 2 new feedback 

In that game i really think is not related to rebar, rebar is working well, gives more performance and turning it off you still have stutters, this is not related to the rebar stutter situation

Can you test other titles from that list? 

I have Jedi Fallen order and it plays absolutely fine. Always has, even better since adding the DLSS 3.0 and Frame Gen.

Also have D4 and Halo Infinite. I will give them a try ASAP. And report back 

Level 12

OK, I've got new information

@Daniel_Shaw @MikeyMikey @jc0426 @-Airwave-  and all other users 


Ive already asked how to do this, im waiting for a reply

I certainly doubt the problem is fixed with this

But dont hurt to try i guess


Regarding RDR 2 specifically, the stutter problem is not related to REBAR, according to user airwave turning off rebar doesnt do anything related to the stutter, something is wrong obviously, but is not related to Rebar, maybe is driver level related

So lets not talk about RDR 2 is this thread

But, i advice everyone affected to record video and share on nvidia driver official threads, nvidia needs to adress it

Level 10

that discovery about the compatibility flag, is interesting and might shed light on the workings behind the scene, you know what, i will see if i can add it to RDR2 profile using nvidia profile inspector and see what happens, nothing to loose in trying it.  Of the games in the rebar list i have battlefield 5, i might try it as soon as i am finished researching with RDR2. In the meantime i will try the asus log software and posting about the problem on the Nvidia forum or reddit (the drivers feedback seems to be read by Nvidia's  people).

I just wanted to express my solidarity with people that bought a laptop in the 3000/4000+ Euros range and cannot play a game  launched almost 4 years ago. After the cyberpunk ordeal, and seeing that other games i want to play in the future are impacted too,   In my mind  the idea of never again buying a gaming laptop is starting to take form....


Edit: i was mistaken i have the first jedi game, that hasn't reBAR support