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Asus ROG Strix Scar 16 (G634JZ) RTX 4080 is stuttering when using the discrete GPU

Level 9

Got this laptop last June 15 and I noticed that when using Ultimate in GPU mode in the Armoury Crate, games are stuttering really hard to the point that it's unplayable. They're also have lower FPS when the stuttering isn't happening. One of the things I noticed it that the GPU usage fluctuates between 50-99%.

The stuttering disappears once I use Standar in GPU mode which allows me to enable advanced optimus in the nvidia control panel, but that mode is busted too because I can't control the brightness level, the screen's brightness overly bright and it hurst my eye, and my display settings are detecting 2 monitors. So I'm avoiding that mode for now too.

Games which I've obeserved the stuttering:

  • Red Dead Redemption2
  • Cyberpunk 2077

I've yet to test other GPU intensive games, but so far the stuttering isn't present in games like DoTA2, Valorant or other non GPU intensive titles. I've tried using the recommended Nvidia drivers from the device's support page and clean installed my GPU drivers using DDU. I also tried fresh reinstalling windows but still nothing. I don't wanna update my BIOS though cause there seems to be an issue with ASUS laptops in updating the BIOS.


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Hi there, generally speaking yes it should see better performance in Ultimate mode for the exact reason you said, that's what the MUX operation is for. Now our laptops have Advanced Optimus where when launching a game in Standard mode it does actually switch to the dgpu, this is usually accompanied with a quick screen flicker, or so it did for me when running on standard mode.

For some technical reason rebar doesn't work in Standard mode regardless of the above. Which is why the ReBar recent issue was not present in standard mode.

In terms of ReBar vs none ReBar performance is varies from game to game and only a handful of games support it. When it 1st came out I noticed ReBar not giving me more fps top end but it had a positive effect on the 1% lows, these were higher so giving a smoother experience over all.

Your mileage may vary ofc and this has been my personal experience.



The ultimate mode gives you better performance by rendering the incoming commands much faster on the screen. Think of it like this, the standard mode is the congested road that leads through the villages and the ultimate mode is like a free motorway ;).

Level 9

Hello everyone, I can confirm that the latest Nvidia driver 546.17 fixed the stuttering using ultimate mode for Cyberpunk 2077:Screenshot (75).jpg

Howerver, Red Dead Redemption 2 is still a stuttering mess:Screenshot (74).jpg

Has anyone else confirm this for Red Dead Redemption 2? Sucks because I really like this game.

I've not got RDR2 to try otherwise id have a look. RDR2 supports ReBar, try turning if off for RDR2 using profile inspector and see if the situation improves.


I can confirm the same for my G634JZ model. I uninstalled the old driver using DDU and did a clean install of the new 546.17 driver. Cyberpunk 2077 is no longer stuttering. No luck for Red Dead Redemption 2, though. I've tried switching between Vulkan and DX12, clearing the cache, and different combinations of other graphic settings. Unfortunately, none of it seems to work. And disabling rebar doesn't fix the stutter for me, either.

When in Ultimate mode, I noticed that the GPU usage during the in-game benchmark was very low, hovering around 60% to 80%. Whereas in Standard mode, the GPU usage consistently hits at least 96%.

Benchmark result in Ultimate mode:



Benchmark result in Standard mode:





I really like this game too! I've already put over 200 hours into it. Hope this issue can be sorted out soon.

Bonjour. J’ai un Asus Strix avec RTX 4090
j’ai aussi eu des problèmes de latence sur Cyberpunk
après une restauration. à partir du système et téléchargez à nouveau le jeu.
est de compléter le dernier pilote
NVIDIA 546.17 plus de problèmes de latence en mode standard.
Je n’ai pas encore vérifié s’il y a un décalage en mode ultime.

Bon jeu à tous.

Use google translator friend

Do you have miniled screen? 

yes my mini led screen

Do you have screen flickering while using browsers? opera or chrome ? 

Thanks for the feedback, mikeymikey

If nvidia only fixed the Rebar stuttering on 2 games only from a list of 22 games that will keep on increasing year after year, this is just unacceptable 

I advice everyone affected by this to refund their laptops

People waited months for a fix and they only fixed 2 games? Are you kidding me?

P.S - everytime a new Nvidia driver is out, nvidia creates an official thread on reddit, guru 3d, nvidia forum

I advice everyone to keep posting about this rebar issue on those threads