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Asus ROG Strix Scar 16 (G634JZ) RTX 4080 is stuttering when using the discrete GPU

Level 9

Got this laptop last June 15 and I noticed that when using Ultimate in GPU mode in the Armoury Crate, games are stuttering really hard to the point that it's unplayable. They're also have lower FPS when the stuttering isn't happening. One of the things I noticed it that the GPU usage fluctuates between 50-99%.

The stuttering disappears once I use Standar in GPU mode which allows me to enable advanced optimus in the nvidia control panel, but that mode is busted too because I can't control the brightness level, the screen's brightness overly bright and it hurst my eye, and my display settings are detecting 2 monitors. So I'm avoiding that mode for now too.

Games which I've obeserved the stuttering:

  • Red Dead Redemption2
  • Cyberpunk 2077

I've yet to test other GPU intensive games, but so far the stuttering isn't present in games like DoTA2, Valorant or other non GPU intensive titles. I've tried using the recommended Nvidia drivers from the device's support page and clean installed my GPU drivers using DDU. I also tried fresh reinstalling windows but still nothing. I don't wanna update my BIOS though cause there seems to be an issue with ASUS laptops in updating the BIOS.


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Thanks for the feedback i was going to try the beta driver to see if there was any performance decline or decrease

I still dont know how daniel shawn, discovered these drivers and where did he read that this driver is meant to fix the stutter

I dont see anywhere saying that vulkan beta driver is for stutter fix


Yeah the problem is not the game or the laptop, the problem is the nvidia driver

I dont know if this affects all the rebar supported games, since i only have 2 games installed that support rebar, starfield and cyberpunk

But i bet , this happens to all rebar enabled games, is like 22 games if not mistaken 

P.S 2

Try the new driver and share feedback

Level 12

OK, so i have news, tested the new 545.84 driver... the stutter issue with ultimate mode + rebar on still present... 

Tested the daniel shawn beta driver, REBAR FOR STARFIELD IS OFF WITH THIS DRIVER - check profile inspec

The beta driver doesnt FIX anything at all, rebar is turned off with this driver

Nvidia needs to come forward and confirm this issue if its nvidia driver or asus problem

Because it seems this stutter issue with rebar ON is present since the release of RTX 4000 laptops according to my research... ?

Or did Cyberpunk, and other rebar games, for example worked great with ultimate mode + rebar on since the launch of rtx 4000 laptops?

Doesnt seem like it


Question for those with 4000 gpu + mini led screen, did your nits decreased with the lastest windows 11 update?

If not mistaken before it was 1.200 nits

max brightness 622 nits, before it was like 1200 nits if not mistakenmax brightness 622 nits, before it was like 1200 nits if not mistaken

Level 9

I mentioned the beta driver tanked my performance. That was only in 3DMark benchmarking. Game performance/FPS did not seem impacted. Also for what it's worth, disabling rBAR doesn't have much of an impact on performance for my 4080.

As far as games impacted, only Cyberpunk is an issue for me where I disabled rBAR. Starfield has it disabled by default with the driver I'm using (536.99) though I believe it was enabled in a more recent driver (maybe the starfield release driver) where rBAR was actually enabled for the game in the driver game profile. So fair to assume same issue as Cyberpunk on a recent driver. 

We know the issue is with rBAR. There's a continued uncertainty in this thread as to whether this is an ASUS or an nvidia issue. We're all using ASUS equipment. Have users of other manufacturers complained of this issue? At this point I believe this is an ASUS ultimate mode issue with rBAR unless there are many other non-ASUS hardware users out there experiencing the same stutter issue. 

How do you know if disabling REBAR impacts performance or not?...

If the game stutters is very hard to know what is the real performance with rebar on is, rebar is meant to give more performance, period, it should work, also the performance gains depends on the titles, some titles give more performance than others

Also, is very tiresome, to DISABLE rebar for each game, everytime a new driver comes out, because of the stutters

I will try more rebar supported games in the next weeks, like ac mirage and alan wake 2, etc

I bet ALL rebar supported games will stutter , new games, old games, until asus or nvidia fix this problem


The problem is, when starfield driver + update came with REBAR support, one month ago, lots of people came online and complained about the stutter (search reddit)

I think this affect many brands and 3000 laptops too, one month ago on reddit i saw reports about this 

But it seems many people just turned off rebar in nvidia profile inspector, and forgot about this issue


Rebar on, gives more performance

yes re bar does increase performance in supported games. the fact we have to turn it off at the moment is fixing an underlying issue but means leaving performance on the table.

What surprises me is no word from nvidia or Asus until now

I advice EVERYONE to refund their laptops if this issue is not fixed

These laptops are not cheap

Everytime a new Nvidia driver is out, a new thread is open on reddit, nvidia forum, guru 3d

I advice Everyone to everytime a new driver is released and this problem is not fixed, go to the threads/posts and copy paste your Rant 

Copy link to this video too


I see most of people are already giving up

Get MAD people

Show your frustration 

Join the fight

I'm outside my return period but don't plan on fighting it. This issue isn't particularly frustrating to me now that I can turn off rBAR. It's a minimal performance improvement anyway (supposed to be +5-11%). But I'll happily continue submitting feedback to both Nvidia and ASUS. 

You have 3 years of warranty, you can RMA it, if they cant fix it, they have to refund it, simple as that

If we say to ourselves "this is nothing important", they will keep releasing products with these issues and keep giving bad support to clients

Nobody from asus or nvidia came out with a workaround, it was the clients that bought the product, that wasted time searching for a fix or workaround

I never seen in my 30 years of gaming life, a stutter as huge as starfield, to the point to breaking something in windows and my laptop screen kept turning off and on, and nobody helped me, the only solution was to do a clean windows install to fix the screen off/on issue caused by the stutter that shouldnt happen in the first place

And dont forget the bios 319 screw up, they still didnt fix anything, HDR not working with ultimate mode, they needed about 5 months to fix that, and now peak brightness 622 nits "bug" , and the list keep going, coil whine, screen flickering on windows while using chrome, if you do a clean windows install, you loose wifi, bluetooth, touchpad, you need to manually install those drivers so you can complete the windows installation ... 

BTW, armoury crate is not the reason for this stutter issue, i did a clean windows install, no armour crate installed, and activated ultimate mode in bios, and the stutter still happens on rebar games 

What bothers me, is no word from asus or nvidia, not a single word, asus should come out and say something


Yeah, please share your feedback and rant in reddit, nvidia forum and guru 3d forum, those 3 places are controlled by nvidia employees and they check those thread/posts 

They create a new post/thread everytime a new driver is released

and they will release a new driver for alan wake 2 in a few days

There is also this gsync black screen issue that you probably don’t know that occurs when the device goes to sleep


For some of your issues, seems like you kept gsync setting at windowed mode instead of full screen so that’s why you get flickers i assume. Don’t know about the peak brightness i get the promised 1000-1100 peak brightness. You shouldn’t care about what windows reports imo.