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Asus Rog Strix GL531/G531/G532 heatsinks interchangeable? Temps under 65c?

Level 8
I ordered a Asus Rog Strix G (Model: GL531GT-BH51-CB) and should be getting it soon. My goal is to get my temps below 65c under full load (both cpu/gpu).

Since I know laptops run much hotter then I'm ok with by default, I want to know If the beefier heatsinks/fans from the G531W Or G532LWS fit. They look like they are the same mounting points just with more heatpipes. I will also be switching out the thermal paste with thermal grizzly liquid metal. Finally I plan to under-volt as much as I can while still staying stable.

If that's still not enough I will be moving on to physical modifications, starting by cutting out the bottom panel where the fan intakes are, and replacing them with an aluminum mesh + a dust filter.
Finally on a non-heat related swap, Can I put a 120hz or 240hz display from the one of the other g531 series into my GL531GT, Like the one from the GL531GV? Or even better if I can put the display from a Zephyrus S GX502GW into it (Much better display).

Edit: After getting a really good close look at the 2 heatsinks (copper assemblys), the cpu and gpu seem to be in slightly different positions. Annoyingly this means the only way I can get better heatsinks is probably to get someone to design one myself and have someone custom build it.

Even more annoyingly it seems My model is the ODD one, and that having cpu/gpu across from each other is the standard. Why Asus Why!