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Asus rog strix GL503vm fan replacement

Level 7

recently one of the internal fans of my laptop (a rog strix GL503VM with 128gb SSD and 1tera HDD) started making obnoxious, bad noise, first just every now and then, then in a continous way. I had trouble opening the laptop to check due to a screw that was too tight but when I finally managed to open it, it had given up and died.

(it is the left fan, allegiedly the CPU one by what i can see online)

I am searching for replacements, but I'm having a real hard time because the specifics for my laptop AND what im looking for are really difficult to parse out.

the fan itself is labelled FK7W DFS602212M00T, 12V 0.4A, but I've found that there's very few options for it (I live in EU, italy) and most of them have different codes rather than this specific one.

I wanted to know if there's any compatibility issues with my specific fans compared to others (for example i found a listing for a fan that's stated to be for the GL503VM but 'version 1' and it lacks some of the metallic casing that mine has and its smaller, so that one doesn't fit) and if there's some off-brand or some other kind of differentiation that could help me out in replacing it, because I'm not exactly good at tinkering with electronic things. (i can open up laptop and perform the most basic maintenance and i can change the actual fan by myself, but the problem is finding one that works/is compatible)

any help? suggestions?

There appear to be a few FK7W offerings on Ebay. The second part might be some sort of serial number so I wouldn't include that in your search.
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