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Asus rog strix gl503ge stuck at 120hz refresh rate, cannot lower it down to 60hz

Level 7
Hi! So I have a laptop which has 120hz display, and theres this game I want to play but shows error whenever I run the game at 120hz, there's no way I can lower it down to 60hz as theres not an option showing to. The only available option is 120hz, I tried uninstalling nvidia and intel drivers, its only at 75hz and still no option to change to 60. Tried installing either both of the drivers alone, only 120hz is available. Is there any way to see a 60hz option? Thank you!!!

DonC1234 wrote:
I have the Asus GL703GM and only the one 120Mhz Refresh rate is available.

If you want to change that customise refresh rates, you might want to take a look at this thread.

Problem is, I don't have that option. Only on Intel, but it wont let me lower it down as it tells me that the bandwidth bla bla exceeded the limit, ????? like wuuut