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Asus ROG Strix GL503 with Slow SDD??

Level 7

I'm owner of a Asus ROG G702VM and I'm looking for a second computer cause I live in two different places.

I'm interested in the Asus ROG Strix GL503 for the price and performance. Anyway, I read bad reviews on internet about it, especially on the slow SDD.
I wonder if someone tried it and can tell me if the SDD is slow? Actually I look for a fast computer so it makes me hesitating.

I'm not an expert, but my Asus ROG G702VM totally satisfy me with the SDD speed. IIs the GL503 different? Is it the same? Is it slower?

Thanks for your answer


Level 7
I dont know about the sdd, but i have a gl503 with nvme m.2 its a samsung brand i forgot which. The nvme takes about 9 and half seconds to get to windows desktop from shutdown.

Level 8
Any modern system with any type of SSD will perform well in the windows environment.

What is most likely going on is a bloated factory image of Windows 10 that a clean format/install of Win10 will fix right up.

Sure some SSD’s will show big differences in synthetic benchmarks but in the majority of real world use there isn’t a huge difference.. The jump from HDD to SSD is huge, going from one SSD to another is a little tougher to notice.

To answer your question, the SSD in both laptops you mentioned is probably the same one, even if it isn’t I assure you it’s not the cause of one system behaving slower than the other.*