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ASUS ROG STRIX GL503 CPU overload??

Level 7
Hey got my new ROG Strix gl503VD after playing sometime i think my laptop got a little bit laggy (throttling I think) and the screen went off but all the processes aren't close yet since the power botton is still on and I cant turn it off. After some time it ran out of battery so I turn it up and charged it. After that incident my laptop started getting hotter even though the processes that are running are not heavy (torrent). I tried turning off the screen but the temperature still doesnt change. The area where you put the palm of your left hand ( near the intel sticker area) started getting hotter and it distracts me (the gaming center says its around 50c at CPU and 49c at GPU). Any advice?? Im new to the situation and im starting to get worried (PS the area where the intel and NVIDEA stickers are still hot even though it is in sleep mode)