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Asus ROG Strix gaming laptop heat question

Level 7


This community seems like an awesome resource to ask a question like this.
Got my first gaming laptop, Asus ROG Strix with a 2080 in it, when I play games the GPU sits on 70-75 celsius, fans are on performance, my question is, is that ok for sustained gaming sessions?

Any laptop cooling ideas you guys have, a lot of the cooling pads look like BS, but has anyone upgraded fans or has an idea to keep it cooler that would be great.

Like I said my first gaming laptop, or gaming PC ever as I was always a console person so apologies for the noob question, you get a VARIED response from googling, from "naa bro all good" to "OMG IT'S GOING TO EXPLODE" and the awesome response "I mine eth on my laptop and all good"....eeep

Appreciate the feedback and thanks for reading.