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Asus Rog Strix G731-GU thermal pads

Level 7

Hi guys,

I own an Asus Rog Strix G731-GU (SN: K6NRCV01K601239) and i want to replace the thermal pads on the VRAMS and other chips around the GPU and CPU bu ti don't know the measurements of the pads i need to buy, i researched and i saw it would be good to buy some Thermal Putty but i'm form Romania and here i won't find the thermal putty only on ebay, but again, ebay won't ship to Romania or the taxes for the shipping would be too high, higher than the item itself. So i ask you, if any of you know what thermal pads especially the measurements for them i have to use on my machine? i asked Asus in a ticket but they have sent me to a repair shop and i don't want to do that as i can do it myself and i repair all my devices myself at home with the proper tools. The only thing i don't know are the measeurements or should i say the thickness of the pads needed for VRAMS and other chips.

thanks guys,