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Asus ROG Strix G731 Charging problem

Level 7
Hello everyone,
Last year I bought Asus ROG Strix G731, It worked fine for like 6 months, after that, it stopped charging unless I pull the cable down or up (Applying pressure on the plug attached to the laptop) after a few months it stopped charging even when I pull it up or down and I had to push it from behind or press it against something to charge, then it stopped charging no matter how hard I try.
I bought a new adapter from a store near us, it didn't seem genuine but I had no other choice because where I live you can't find proper stuff and I can not ship either (I live in Iraq), the new adapter buzz when I attach it to the laptop, It works perfectly fine when the laptop turned off or unloaded but when I try to start a game or a program the adapter buzz loudly, I tried 3 different adapters (all of them had the same voltage and wattage output but different input) and the same problem continues.
What can be causing this buzzing with the new chargers? Can I use the laptop even if the adapter buzzes or it might harm the laptop?.