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ASUS ROG Strix G713RW Keyboard lagging

Level 8
Hello everyone!
I have a problem with my laptop. When the computer is on for a longer time, keyboard starts to lag and stutter. It takes 1-2 seconds for it to start working, and after about 10 secs of not using it problem happens again. When problem happens while gaming it also stutters sound and picture. Only restarting solves the problem, but after longer time of computer working it reappears.
Ways of solving the problem which I tried:
- Uninstalling keyboard drivers
- Turning of the touchpad in BIOS (doesn't have such option)
- Updating drivers
- Resetting Windows
- Uninstalling antivirus
Can somebody help me how to fix this problem, it's really frustrating.

AMD Ryzen 7 6800H
Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070Ti+ATI Radeon Graphics
Windows 11 Home

Level 7

same problem bro


Level 10

G733PZ here, with audio/keyboard lag random issues.

Did you check, when it happened, if laptop Speakers were still working and playing sounds? I have a strange issue with Speakers and no audio all of a sudden and randomly (no task or service crashed, device list is ok without errors, volume icon is ok and not X), and the other day I noticed a similar keyboard lag as described in this thread and also noticed the audio was gone again! Mmmh, wondering if they are connected. Will try the same "USB Input Device" workaround on my G733, let's see...

ASUS G733PZ Ryzen 9 7945HX, NVidia 4080 12GB, 32GB RAM, 2560x1440 240Hz G-Sync laptop screen, external monitor UWQHD 3440x1440 Mi Monitor, NVMe 4x, Hori Fighting Stick Mini, XBox One BT controller, ROG Strix Carry mouse

Level 7

i was having this problem 20 min before then i updated all my asus and windows its fine now

Level 7

A have same problem on STRIX G713RM. Ever since I bought the machine. I found a lot of "solution" and "trick" on the web (eg the USB power management trick above and a video tutorial on ASUS' website, etc ) but I have no "final solution". This problem returns every few days, and not only under Windows. I use Ubuntu as a second OS and its there too. Dear ASUS, it's a very frustrating fault what not simply kill the user experience, but also eliminates the use of the machine. 

I had this problem then i updated my windows and restarted it along with my asus control center and it worked properly … ur welcome