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asus rog strix g713pi

Level 7

I have an asus rog strix g713pi 7845hx and rtx 4070, 2x16gb ddr5. I had problems with high temperatures on the cpu, so I disassembled the laptop, the cooling components,, paste and liquid metal, were very poorly applied. the gddr and cpu were burned for a while, I cleaned everything and re-applied grizzly liquid metal and paste. temperatures are now more acceptable. I have a problem, however, when I put everything in the armory crate to the maximum, in the manual, even in the most demanding game, the cpu goes to a maximum of 80 watts and the gpu to a maximum of 100 watts. so the laptop does not want to use the maximum potential and does not reach more than 60 FPS in the game. ged in the bios I set the overclocking to 25 and negative 10-15-20-25, my external monitor always starts to turn off, it says USB-c / HDMI is overheated or the laptop starts to turn off or restarts during games.