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Asus Rog Strix G533QS freezes on idle / low usage when charging on Windows 11

Level 7


I have problem with my laptop:

Asus Rog Strix G533QS

- RTX 3080

- AMD 5900HX

Problem was / is freezing, when browsing internet, using low demanding programs and always when idle, never playing games etc.

When idle, on windows desktop with no programs runnig, freeze is certain, after about 1-2 min.

Perviously problem was also on windows 10, but i upgraded to 11 with hope to resolve problem, with no effect. I did all ram, disks checks. I did all CPU and GPU drivers updates, then uninsialls and agin install. Nothing helped.

Then I noticed that on battery freezes don't occur.  occur less often

I set Minimal processor state -> when plugged to 5%, (was 100% due to Aromury Crate plan)

Now testing for 1h and freeze did not happend, (Freezes happen, but less often with 5% minimal power set in power managment settings) even on full idle. But i'm worried that problem may return.

Is it something with my charger,? I own this laptop for almost 2.5 years.

[EDIT] Unfortunately, after laptop charged to ~95% and red diode (informing of charging) went white, freeze occured agin 😕

[EDIT.2] I disabled first AMD Radeon(TM) Graphics  in Device Manager - didn't help, still freezez (less on minimal 5% cpu power). Then i disabled  RTX 3080 dedicated graphics card, and it.. still didn't help.  Only thing helping for now is game runnig in background. (Even simple one) I assume that it must be something with AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX then

[EDIT.3] My temporary solution for now is running simple game on second monitor - 0 crashes for now. I found a lot of threads with c-states problems, but i can't manage them on crippled mobile BIOS


Level 7

I have same problem with fresh installed windows with drivers up to date from asus website (also tried official latest drivers nothing changed). I have to leave the game open all the time in the background otherwise the device freezes within 5 minutes when it waits without load and I have to do a hard reset. Sometimes freezes on startup screen.

For ram and ssd, I tested with frequently used applications that I found on the internet, there is no problem. When I put the computer in silent mode and the processor frequency drops, the computer freezes instantly.  I need to keep the CPU at %100 (3.3ghz).

AMD 5900HX
RTX 3070

BIOS v331 (latest)

Did you find any solution?

Level 7

same happen to me.tommorow i need sent back to asus to check what i can show them this thread

Level 7

I have the same problem, g533qr. It hangs in Low usage mode, I have to do hard reset. Does anyone have any new information on this problem?