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ASUS ROG STRIX G531GT Wifi adapter disappreaing again and again after win 10 update.

Level 7
My story : i recently buy a laptop from flipkart . laptop work excellect for 10-15days i found no problem . than i start getting updated of win 10 i update it after that i started facing wifi issue it suddenly disappread when i restart it again comes up , i try to enable disable adapter that doesnt work for me only restart always work but again problem arsing and now even after restart wifi adapter not working . i tried to use Myasus software it show 1 problem in driver but i click on check it show its up to date .did any one face any wifi disappread issue . sometimes its automatically come if anyone know how to fix kindly help me out . :confused:

These are some images of my problem

after clicking on update see the below pick its says up to date ..

Please help me out ...

Level 7

I have checked all the methods described on the forum and the only one that helped me is not described here.
You need to take an external wi-fi adapter, preferably an older model and insert it into the laptop. After I took out the wi-fi module did not disappear.
If you need I can write the model adapter, but I think everyone will find a friend in which you can borrow the module for a while, or go to the store and test the module there.

Level 9

I searched on every forum on internet and eventually end up fixing this by disabling the ethernet.