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ASUS Rog Strix G512LW: Fans stop on screen off, eventually overheating notebook

Level 7
Hello fellow ROG'ers. I decided to split off my discussion about an issue, which I had reported in another thread.

I have a quite similar issue concerning fans not working, albeit in a slightly different scenario. Notebook model is G512LW.

My screen off/standby settings are 5/30 minutes. Inbetween the screen turning off and standby kicking in, the fans completely stop and the notebook heats up all the way until it force shutdowns.

I tried to contact ASUS support, which sent me an Armoury Crate patch. Installed the patch, which broke pretty much everything else so I had to reinstall ROG Live Service Package, AC Service, Armoury Crate app itself and eventually Windows, rinse and repeat, before I could get the patch to install without breaking things like, for example, itself..

Result of the patch:
1. The notebook now not only shuts its fans off on screen off, but standby mode doesn't even work as it should anymore (at random times, the notebook comes out of sleep mode for no reason AND with disabled fans..)
2. The patch partially broke MyASUS. (Update: Actually, the problem is with Armoury Crate Service, as a restart of the service restores functionality)

On the second support request, ASUS asked me to return the notebook. Because no new BIOS is available. I'm sorry, say that again please? Did you just tell me to return a perfectly functional computer which has a software/firmware issue?

I need that computer for my IT job. What about, try to fix what you broke a few weeks ago, ASUS? You had a scenario in which everything worked, you're a computer tech company, and I can't be one of only 3 people having this issue, right?

Follow-up 2020-10-04:

After experimenting with downgrading/upgrading BIOS for a bit, I think we can exclude the BIOS itself as being the culprit. Some strange things happened when doing so, though.

I followed the mini guide at Results:

1. Downgrading the BIOS is as EZ as upgrading it.

2. "Go to control panel, go to system, go to system protection, go to hardware, click on device installation settings, and then click no." <-- After following this step, in Device Manager, the firmware was successfully set to be 309.

3. The downgrade did nothing, but caused one logged error:
"Het stuurprogramma heeft een controllerfout gevonden in \Device\Harddisk1\DR1."
(Roughly translated: "The device driver reported a controller error in \Device\Harddisk1\DR1")

4a. Because the fan sleep issue was not solved, I re-applied BIOS 310. Because of step 2 in this post, the device driver firmware was not automatically upgraded from 309 to
4b. When restarting after step 4a, I opened Armoury Crate and saw that the CPU speed, temperature, memory speed, .. could not be retrieved, but the GPU monitoring showed up correctly. I'm not sure if this could be related to the issue?

5. When manually updating the device driver firmware to by using Windows Update and restarting, CPU information showed up again and the HDD controller error from step 3 did not happen anymore.

6. However, the original issue (fans and RGB turn off on screen off, notebook overheats) remains the same.

Also, since the latest ASUS software updates, I had to create a script which restarts the Armoury Crate Service 1 minute after logging into the computer. I found out by accident that this solved another issue with the current software.

The reason for this, is that since the latest update, hotkeys seem to have stopped working on startup (no FN + hotkey functionality, no Energy Profile on-screen indicator). But what is curious is, that after restarting the service, the on-screen profile indicator shows up again and all hotkey functionality is restored.

I'm not sure how all ASUS components like ROG Live Service, Control Interface, Armoury Crate etc. intercommunicate with each other, but I'm pretty sure something is quite off in the way it does at this moment.

Hope some of the information is useful. Can someone from ASUS maybe help us this way instead? If a log file needs to be generated, I'll gladly provide one.

Thank you very much in advance.
Best regards

Status Under Review

FFS.. I upgraded  from a G752VS, to a G834JZ (Asus Scar 18) and have this same problem..

I leave my Laptop next to me on the bed sometimes, or on a side table when I go to sleep. (No I'm not an idiot who lets the underside gets smothered, it sits on a cooling pad on a thin panel of ply creating a flat surface with plenty of airflow.)

I discovered, the only way to make the RGB turn OFF on the lid and around the sides is to close the lid AFTER waiting X minutes for the screen to turn off, because the idiots at Asus made Armoury Crate so buggy that the RGB never turns off if you just close the lid right away.

This time I WAITED before closing the lid, so the annoying RGB would turn off.. but not only did the RGB turned off, I failed to notice my fans turned off too!! WHAT THE F...

When I opened the lid in the morning, I went to rest my palm down as usual when using WASD to type my password to login, and my hand was scalded because the whole interior had heated up to like 70+C

What the hell.. and WHY is this a problem still two years later?

Level 7

I started to have the same issue again a few months ago, but it's even worse. I use a dual monitor setup since last December, all was working like a charm. Suddenly, around the beginning of March, inbetween Patch Tuesdays so I'm fairly sure it's not Windows' fault, neither screen would turn off even though a timeout of 10 minutes was specified in Windows.

A few weeks and a lot of troubleshooting later (fiddled around with Armoury Crate, Core Framework, ... drivers, Windows power and NVidia graphics settings), I got the screens to turn off again, but it didn't last (at least partially). Currently, the monitors turn off when they feel like it, more often not than they do.

No blocking drivers or software when running powercfg -requests in Terminal.

When disconnected from power, the battery only works for a measly 40 minutes on 80% (fairly certain it's not the battery as it hasn't been used that much and never charged beyond 80%), this was at least 3 hours in the first months of owning this laptop. When closing the lid, RGB and fans are disabled and the laptop once again doesn't go to standby (single monitor of course).

I've wasted too much time on this piece of chip. If these problems wouldn't occur, it would be an awesome beast, but somehow ASUS always finds a way to **** up with their worthless framework and middleware.


I have same problema. You fixed the problem?

Level 8

Set hibernation in settings to close the lid