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Asus Rog Strix g18 Freeze / Artifact

Level 7

Hi, I bought brand new Asus rog strix g18 laptop and started to install all updates at home. During update/windows update i chanced the all display mode / 3d settings from nvidia settings to nvdia graphics card. Then i restarted laptop, booted normally and on desktop screen right bottom appeared a notifacion ‘display mode changed to graphics card’ then laptop froze. I restarted laptop from power button and instantly black screen with artifact appeared. After 3-4 times restart from power button laptop booted normally without artifact. then updated nvidia driver (clean installed) and updated bios. Problem is gone and i can change display modes wihout any problem (I'm not sure what causes this) and all stress test passed and didn’t see any problem while gaming to. but i'm still thinking is it hardware or software problem and should i RMA it?