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Asus Rog Strix G17 G713PI Overheating?

Level 8


I have a brand new not a month old Rog Strix G17 G713PI laptop and I think i have overheating problem. The issue is that when playing a game, about every 5 minutes the game and audio heavily stutters (almost freezes) for like 3 4 seconds. I have noticed that when this happens GPU temp is about 87 degrees (hotspot 97) more than 85 of Nvidia T-Junction. So I did a Furmark 2 test with full CPU and Gpu utilization and same thing happens with above temps again regularly. I normally have a laptop cooler but I am travelling without cooler right now so I only noticed this issue now. This happens on performance mod in Armory Create. It does not happen in Turbo mode but I dont want to use it its too loud.  I am suspecting a faulty hardware (bad paste maybe) or something wrong performance mode could not be sure. Can you help me with my problem.

Thank you.


Ryzen 7845hx

16 GB Ram

RTX 4070


Level 8

Have you tried to reduce frames in your games, for example set any game max to 60-65 fps and run it on turbo or performance mode and see if there is any difference. That worked for my Tuf laptop should be helpful for you.

Thanks i use only custom profils and very big undervolt who's help very much whit the temperature check in youtube how and why is good to undervolt your GPU

Level 7

It sounds like you're experiencing thermal throttling issues with your new Rog Strix G17 G713PI laptop. The high temperatures you're seeing, especially the GPU hotspot reaching 97 degrees, indicate potential overheating. Since the problem occurs consistently during gaming and stress tests, it's likely not just a software issue. It could be due to inadequate thermal paste application or a faulty cooling system. I'd recommend contacting ASUS support for assistance, especially since your laptop is still under warranty. They can help diagnose the problem and provide a solution, whether it involves hardware repair or adjustments to performance settings.

Level 8

Hello everyone, I have an update regarding this issue. As I had suspected, the device was defective. Asus has acknowledged this and is providing me with a refund. If anyone else experiences a similar issue, it’s likely that you’ve received a faulty device.

Level 7

I have ROG Strix G17 (2023) G713PV 7845hx and 4060 when i set up closing lid that it should sleep it does not untill i disconnect power cable, many times i found that it was dead after i took it from my bag, or it does not go to sleep at all, not only that, i cannot get audio work on windows 10 because there are no drivers for it so i`m stuck using windows 11 which is a nightmare, then screen sometimes flickers i believe its a driver issue cause it is a completely random thing, after i installed "recommended" nvidia driver randomness got infrequent, which is mind blowing that it cannot get proper latest geforce experience driver and call it a day, then one time it got stuck no cooling, i`m guessing armory crate did this, and it overheated and turned off, i rebooted same thing, then uninstalled armory crate, fans came back after restart.