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Asus Rog Strix G17 G713PI Overheating?

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I have a brand new not a month old Rog Strix G17 G713PI laptop and I think i have overheating problem. The issue is that when playing a game, about every 5 minutes the game and audio heavily stutters (almost freezes) for like 3 4 seconds. I have noticed that when this happens GPU temp is about 87 degrees (hotspot 97) more than 85 of Nvidia T-Junction. So I did a Furmark 2 test with full CPU and Gpu utilization and same thing happens with above temps again regularly. I normally have a laptop cooler but I am travelling without cooler right now so I only noticed this issue now. This happens on performance mod in Armory Create. It does not happen in Turbo mode but I dont want to use it its too loud.  I am suspecting a faulty hardware (bad paste maybe) or something wrong performance mode could not be sure. Can you help me with my problem.

Thank you.


Ryzen 7845hx

16 GB Ram

RTX 4070


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Level 8

Hello everyone, I have an update regarding this issue. As I had suspected, the device was defective. Asus has acknowledged this and is providing me with a refund. If anyone else experiences a similar issue, it’s likely that you’ve received a faulty device.

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Read few post in the forum .... There have so many posts like this

Also clean your laptop if is not cleaned in the last 3 months 

And you wont the imposible to have quiet and cold laptop .... I never seen something like this even in turbo mode your laptop work on lower fan RPMs  and the problem is not in the hardware or the laptop logically .... Also if the laptop is new or not so old how do you think it will have a problem whit thermal paste (in rare case can appear problem like this) .... But if you haved a problem in performance mode for sure you will have a problem on turbo on custom modes also vheck your cpu in youtube to see how big temperature get on other models and ypu will see how hot it work constantly 

I have read many posts. Last thing I want was to create an account in this forum but did not find a solution so I had to. The laptop is brand new why would I clean it. And you are saying that if a product is brand new there won't be any problems? Also I am not complaining about my temps I know this is a laptop and the temps will be high. As I understand it the modes: silent, performance and turbo will affect the CPU and GPU frequency and fan noise. The problem I have should not happen. This is not a low FPS problem. The GPU reaches the max temp limit 87 C and nearly shuts down for 4 5 seconds to lower the temps to 84 C. This happens every 5 minutes.

Its hard to give a advice whit this kind of information if you whant to find where is the problem you must provide better information like this on the photo we need to know fan speed gpu frequency cpu frequency watt usage and things like this use MSI afterburner to provide this kind of information also ryzen CPUs have higher temps and 2 fans instead 3 like is in the other Intel models also depend how much space have your laptop to take air under it also you can try to use cooling pad 

Also the CPU and GPU share the same thermal sink and that can also cause higer temps when you have only 2 fans that work on lower fan speeds so try yo abjust the fan speed at minimum 4500rpm's for the GPU and CPU and than test it againbecouse for my laptop to get temperature in heavy game 80c for processor and 70 for GPU my fan speed must be around 4500 RPMs for all fans so try to make some abjust and check what are the fans speed's at performance and turbo mode 

You can also download the newest version of HWINFO64 and even you can try undervolt that will degrees your temperatures a lot

Screenshot 2024-04-09 144451.png

Ciao ho avuto lo stesso problema con il mio HP e diciamo che era un problema di aggiornamento del bios e ho installato la versione precedente ed è di nuovo fantastico

Level 8

Hello, I’m currently experiencing an ongoing issue. I have the latest BIOS (version 329) installed and haven’t tested with older versions yet. To illustrate the problem, I’ve attached a screenshot of the Furmark 2 benchmark.

Previously, I ran the same benchmark on my older Lenovo Legion. In that system, when the GPU temperature reached 86 degrees, there was a slight reduction in power consumption and GPU clock speed to maintain stability. However, in my G17, when the GPU temperature hits 87 degrees, the system nearly shuts down, reducing the power from 110W to about 70W for approximately 5 seconds. This can be seen in the uploaded screenshot, and the cycle continues.

I suspect this could be due to a BIOS/Firmware issue or a faulty GPU. I don’t believe it’s related to thermal conditions because the throttling doesn’t seem to function correctly. Any insights would be appreciated.FurMark.png

And where is the fans speed on this graph ? And have you apply the fan graph that i send you ? Have you make a custom fan profile ? 

Level 8

In the performance mode, the fan speeds are set to 4000 RPM for the CPU and 4400 RPM for the GPU, with the GPU power at 115W. However, the issue persists even when the system is switched to turbo mode, where the fan speeds are increased to 6000 RPM for the CPU and 6400 RPM for the GPU, and the GPU power is raised to 140W.

The problem also occurs when the system is set to use the Windows power mode. I attempted to resolve the issue by creating a custom profile with the GPU fan running at full speed (7500 RPM) and the GPU power at 140W. This setup barely managed to maintain stability.

I created another profile with the GPU power reduced to 120W and the fan speed set to 6400 RPM, which seemed to work better. However, this doesn’t mean the problem is completely resolved.

It’s not ideal to have to create a custom profile for a brand new PC. There are other modes available that should be able to handle the system’s needs. Ideally, when the system hits the temperature limit, there should only be a minor drop in FPS for a stable experience.

Did you know that your GPU use 140W only on paper in reality this 140W can be used only in 1-2 gpu stress tests applications so in reality you will be not able to use you GPU at 140W in any games for this reason i dont use this application becouse fake froce your GPU to 140W so instead to stress this app whit that unreal and not helpful app change the stress test application whit MSI Kombustor this application is available whit MSI afterburner the test there will be more real and will apply in your usage 


Just watch this video and you will understand everything

The conclusion is that the stress whit some applications is useless and you cant apply this performance in real usage so change the stress application whit that i send and you will be able to apply this stress test in real time usage also you will be not able to get so high temperature whit the other stress test becouse your GPU will not get this 140 useless watt's that make the GPU only hotter whit 0 performance benefits