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Asus ROG Strix G17 (2023) G713P - Asking for advice !

Level 7

Hi people, I found a good offer from a retailer in my country on a New Asus ROG Strix G17 (2023) G713P

Config : ( Ryzen 9 7945HX - RTX 4060 - 1TB SSD - 16GB RAM DDR5 )

But after looking arround on Google i found this forum and i see a lot of people seem to have some let's say not nice experiences with this laptop and other Rog series.. talking here about these problems : freezing, flicking...

I really wanna buy it but am afraid these problems are still out there, Please guys let me know your opinions.

I also tried to contact @Anbby_ROG for his opinion because his the one helping people out here about these problems.. but not a respond till now! 

Thank you in advance !


Level 8

Dont do it bro. I had this thing for three months and it’s completely unusable. Freezes on the startup screen…


cant even run its diagnosis without freezing, cant even factory reset it without freezing. Theres nothing I can do besides take it in and get my money back cause I aint keeping this paper weight. Glad I bought insurance for this thing

Level 12

I haved Strix G16 but whit Intel processor and never haved a problem for me this is best laptop that i can buy for this money in ky country i haved the laptop from 5 months and never have a problem very stable also the laptop is overclocked and undervolter work at perfect temps als this intel version have 3 fans the amd version have only 2 so they have big difference... I dont like so much amd processors in laptops 

Level 12

Don't do it stay away don't become one of us we all have problems with our laptops.


An unhappy user of Asus laptops

There is no such thing as a perfect laptop, and the only serious downsides of Asus are poor cooling, which is compensated by the BD PROCHOT chip.

If they don't break records, then the ASUS laptop isn't bad.

Level 11

Best advice other than the forum is to check customer reviews on Amazon and also Youtube (Jarrodtech is a good one)and internet reviews by specialised magazines(, Tom's Hardware).

Thematic portals are most often sponsored by producers, so their opinions are not objective.

Well the two examples I named are not sponsored and their opinions / reviews are probably more reliable than Mr. John Does  posting on a forum. Plus Amazon customer reviews are not sponsored as far as I know. As for Asus laptop haters I have owned three since 2014 and my sons 2 and none of us have had any problems with them. Which is why I say read reviews.