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Asus Rog strix G17 (2021) Freezing issue

Level 7



My laptop from last week started to freeze within 5 minutes after starting up

I have done the following steps but still, the issue is coming

After all still the problem exits 

I try to install drivers or solutions I see from the forum like installing

Drivers but I am unable to do so as the laptop freezes in between the installation.

I try to boot in safe mode but as I log in suddenly freezes.

I request you help me with this issue as I am a PhD scholar and I am in the last stage of thesis writing, it will be very helpful if I can solve this issue.

My lap specifications are 

  • ASUS ROG Strix G17 (2021)G713QE-HX080T
  • AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX
  • RTX 3050 Ti 4GB Graphics
  • 16GB Ram
  • 512 New SSD Samsung 980pro
  • Windows 11

Level 7

Have a g533qr also 2021, Ryzen 5800hx + rtx 3070, seeing the exact same issue, and it started last week as well.

I have wiped it and done full reinstalls twice, run the windows memory diagnostic, did an extended s.m.a.r.t scan,, no crash, just frozen on whatever screen it was on, unresponsive, no logs.

Only strange thing I noticed, is that if I shut down, start back up and go into the bios, the cpu temp will go up but 0 rpm on the fan at 60+ C.

Did you find any solution?

Level 12

Here is everything that was tried on my 2021 model.

Test RAM  by swapping it out with new sticks, tested with only one stick inside, Tested the SSD  swap out as well,  re-pasted thermal paste, had it cleaned but there was very little dust in it.

All drivers and windows updated reinstalled

Don't get me started with the software from Asus ans AMD mulitple attempts to get that to work as well.

The longest time it went out without freezing was 30 minutes that after they ramped up the fans to keep them going at full speed, but as soon as they set up back to normal it froze on them. After 6 long months they finally said get a new laptop cause this laptop is Fked!

If you are thinking of gaming on a laptop don't it's not worth the price of the hassle get yourself a gaming pc preferably not an Asus system.

Level 7

Got the same problem on my old Asus ROG Strix G15 Advantage, (5900HX / 6800M)

It died after 2 years and two months, i sent it to get a quote for repair, they asked me 1500 bucks 😅 (paid 1700 euros).

If it is still under warranty send it  ASAP

Level 7

Man, I'm having the exact same issue, and started around the same time. I can load into Windows, but it will only run for 2-5 minutes before freezing up. Originally thought it was overheating. When in BIOS and just sitting here temps are around 60-65 C. 

ROG Strix G15 G513QREC (2021)

AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX
RTX 3070




So far here is what I have done.

-Fresh install of Windows 10. Formatted drive before installing.

-Rolled back BIOS to version 330 released 10/28/22.

-Removed/swapped RAM.

-Removed bottom cover and placed large fan directly under heat exchange.

-Loaded Ubuntu live onto USB and loaded OS directly off USB. This bypasses m.2. Still crashed within 2 minutes.

-Completely removed wireless/bluetooth card from laptop.

-Played around endlessly with drivers and firmware.

I work in IT as a consultant. I know my way around computers. Cut my teeth on the helpdesk. I cannot for the life of me figure out what is wrong with my laptop. After looking on forums and reddit to looks like a lot of people are experiencing the same issues. 

Next steps for me

-Replace liquid metal/thermal paste

I'll let you guys know if I find anything. 

Yep, same problems.

I tried almost everything.

Looks like it is a thermal problem (I hope).

Will have to repaste it too, I noticed last time i tried it that the backplate was hot as hell when it froze.

Finger crossed if not "poubelle"
Its my second Asus laptop, the first one died too. I will go back to Clevo (2 laptops and after 10 years there are still working like a charm :D)


We should all sue them...2000 I would not have these issues. I am online media person

.I am losing my following..and I have no money for big repairs or replacement..these guys are rip off artists...try to put a bad review on Amazon and they denied to publish it!

Level 7

Update: Sent the laptop to the Asus service centre for repair 1 week before, and they informed me that the motherboard (VGA) is the issue, and cannot be repaired, so the only option is to replace it, which is 85% of the laptop's cost. So I request those who facing any issue similar to mine and if it is in warranty period try to return the product ASAP
Laptop is totally dead now 😅 thank you Asus for this terrible product

Level 7

Arg, sorry to hear that, but what does it mean ? "motherboard (VGA)" 

GPU is dead ??

I am fed up of this kind of products that are designed to just survive the legal warranty, spending almost 2K euro every two years... At this point thay can keep theirs products...