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Asus Rog Strix G16 questions

Level 7

If anyone is familiar with this laptop, I have some questions.

  1. Can you turn off the LED bar that runs along the front of the laptop while also leaving the keyboard LED lights on?

  2. Can you set all of the keyboard LEDs to be a specific color (like red or orange), or are they always a rainbow pattern?

  3. I've heard that the laptop is really thick. Does the thickness affect typing comfort at all? Wondering if the thickness would put your wrists in a weird position.

  4. Does the trackpad accidentally register clicks when you're typing? Seems like your right wrist would be over the upper right corner of the trackpad while typing.

  5. In general, would you recommend this laptop? What do you like/not like about it?

Thank you!


Level 8

1. No you cant. The front LED is copying some buttons, like left side is copying left FN color, center is copying space color etc
2. Yes you can, static ligth
3. No problems here, and laptop isnt so thick.
4. No, I havent got this problems.
5. Yes
There is one think i dont like right now - win11, it is dummy sometimes. One time a got a weird bug - my keyboard didnt work at all, but it was easyly fixed by reboot.


I would like to correct answer 1: yes you can, please see below screenshot


3: laptop thickness is 2.2mm (3/32in)

5: I would say yes for the hardware, but Asus software (Armoury Crate) can ruin the experience. It is buggy... also Asus is not providing any Nvidia driver update since months... If I were you I would strongly consider an XMG laptop.