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ASUS ROG STRIX G16- microstuttering\stutters

Level 8

Hey guys first post so forgive me if this formatted wrong. I recently purchased the rog strix  laptop with the rtx 4060 140w tgp/ i7 13650HX. 32 gb ddr5. I’ve played multiple games to different experiences. Overwatch 2/battlefront 2 left for dead 2 are getting very high frame rates, to my eye seems like no stutter no major fps drops. But on some games such as Red dead redemption 2/ assassins creed mirage. I’m getting good frame rates but the frame pacing/ stuttering is completely ruining my experience. I’ve looked through countless forums saying that armory crate is just bloatware and that I should I uninstall it. I have the newest drivers/ windows updates/bios and still have no clue what is causing this. I thought I fixed the issue by disabling Gsync/vrr because it made my battlefield 2042 almost run buttery smooth. But then when I launch ac mirage/cyberpunk/rdr2 i get these microstutters. I don’t know whether to return this one and get a new one or uninstall armoury crate and see if it works better from there. I have a worst desktop build specwise that at least runs smoother than this. if anyone can please help or guide my to fix this. getting pretty frustrated cause it wasn’t cheap;( thank you 




 sorry for the crude photos if anyone wants better pictures/ a video with the frame pacing I can upload. I just know this isn’t correct behavior for my specs 


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Level 8

hey everyone it seems as if the issue fixed itself with the new GeForce drivers or a windows update! Now buttery smooth red dead at ultra/high at 80+fps. This laptops awesome!!

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Level 12

And why you think the problem is in Armory Crate and in the laptop ? The problem can be in you becouse you dont know how to optimize your laptop and your games better .... Also you have mid range laptop ( i have the same ) what do you expect? Another thing is that i have the same laptop and i dont have problems becouse i dont listen some idiots that tell me the armory crate is the problem instead i search for information that can really help me to improve the performance and optimize my system perfect 

Read some of this maybe you will understand something becouse this is connected to your problem

Thanks for the reply. I don't think its armory crate or my laptop I just I have no clue what is causing it. Even these games  that are affected run with the same microstutter no matter the graphics setting. For example I can run the witcher 3 with ray tracing, ultra settings at native res very fluent or even ghost recon breakpoint maxed at very high frame rates buttery smooth, but something like cyberpunk, red dead. and ac mirage on any presets and settings will not stop the stutter even though im still getting a good average framerate on these benchmarks. I am just so confused by the inconsistency with the games it makes it hard to narrow down. I have verified the files and it has not seemed to help on any of the conflicted titles. I also was worried about thermal throttling after reading the second forum you posted but i downloaded a program and checked. it seems like my laptop is running safely within the tdp at good temps. Did you have any issues out of the box? And any more optimization tips for laptop? Maybe there is something i am missing. thanks again.

Lower your graphics in the settings if you use max settings and Ray Tracing this is very hard for that model whit RTX 4060 whit 8GB of video ram the problem maybe is you go out of Video Ram and that couse the problem because that GPU cant run every game at max settings whit ray tracing

Another thing to improve performance is to boost little bit the gpu from the second link that i send you make a custom profile first after this on GPU section apply this Base Clock and Memory Clock save it 


Also you can try to watch and make a performance tab from there you can understand very easy where can be the problem 


For example in your case if you go out of GPU memory or ram memory you can see it very easy on this performance tab and this is one of the main reason for shuttering in games 

Other reason is old drivers but in your case i am sure the problem is that you set everything on max and the GPU cant handle thr game and you go out of video memory 


 there are a lot of things that you can do to improve your laptop

Thanks for the information. What I meant was some games I can max out and run fine with no problems. But the games that are affected by stutter can be on all low settings and still get that constant micro stutters so its confusing. Even performance graphs look fine just inconsistent frame pacing. I will have to try the manual mode when I have time and will update if it helped.

Try and write again to fix this problem i have the same laptop and everything work fine i tested a lot of games and never haved a problem so when you test write for the results

And if you forget to update your driver's update everything windows ,nvidia graphics drivers , armory crate and after this test in games

Level 8

hey everyone it seems as if the issue fixed itself with the new GeForce drivers or a windows update! Now buttery smooth red dead at ultra/high at 80+fps. This laptops awesome!!

Did you update the Graphic driver from Nvidia or Asus?

i have this problem on my zephyrus m16 2022 rtx 3060, i bought on march 2022and got this problem since 2 month i bought till now 🤦🏻‍♂️