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ASUS ROG strix G15 screen issues question

Level 7

Hello, my almost 2 year old laptop's (G15 513IE) screen started acting weird, with part of the screen sometimes freezing and flickering as seen in the picture below. It happened yesterday too but pushing the screen a little bit would fix it, and it only happened twice for a short period of time, today it is stuck like this.


It isn't a RAM issue and on another monitor the screen works perfectly fine. I think it is a display cable issue as the screen used to turn black for a split second when moving it.

I still have 4 months of warranty and I live in Romania.

My questions are the following:

Should I unplug and plug the cable back into the motherboard or does that void my warranty? If I should, how do I go about it exactly, especially if I have to open the monitor itself?

Does opening my laptop's back panel void my warranty? What about adding an extra stick of RAM?

Thanks in advance.


Level 7

Hey, got any solution for that?