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Asus ROG Strix G15 - Motherboard/Ram Static noise

Level 7

Hello, i have an rog strix g15 from 2020 with i7 10870h ,16gb ram, rtx2060 and a m2 ssd. Today i went into armoury crate and decided to put the fans on silent. After i did that i noticed that there is a very quiet crackling/static noise coming from the laptop. I removed my phone from the area in case it was from the phone interfering but the noise still persists. I took the bottom panel of the laptop down and the noise is coming from the ram area. Could it be the rams or a bad capcitor in that area? Is this something to worry about? Any thoughts will be appreciated, thanks.!


Level 12

Is the sound somthing like this ?



No. Its a very quiet like a electrical short sound, like a static continuing glitch

Like sparking on electrically energized components ?


It would be a good idea to remove the lower cover to accurately locate the source of these sounds.

As i told in the first post, its come from the ram area, i dont know if its the ram of the capacitors near by, because the sound comes from the whole area. 

Also, is it ok for this laptop to run the CPU in 97 degrees C and 82 GPU? while gaming