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ASUS ROG Strix G15 G513RM stuttering

Level 7

Hello everyone!

I don't know English well but I'll try to describe my issue. 

Since I bought my Strix G15 two years ago I have issue with stuttering(maybe it's called otherway)
Trying to play games or just watching some movies/youtube i have stuttering with audio and video
And it's very annoying for me. I make a desicion to reinstall Windows in hope to finish my suffering. But unfortunatly it doesn't finished it's became worst than before. 
Before reinstalling It started randomly maybe twice in a few hours but right now i just can't watch any youtube videos because of this it's won't stop. If anyone know how to solve this problem please give me some tips to solve this. 


Level 12

Are you familiar with the "Ryzen Master Utility" program?

It allows you to lower CPU voltages and stabilize the system.