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Asus rog strix g15 G513RM fps drop and low fps

Level 7

Hello, I'm Emir. first post on the forum. I have a device from Turkey with asus rog strix g15 G513RM 6800H, rtx3060, single stick 16gb ddr5 ram, 300hz display.My problem is: In processor-based games, for example, the fps drops to 130 in valorant. Even though dgpu mode is on. These fps drops are very annoying as I have a 300hz display. to play fortnite The same problem exists in that game as well. I'm in Mshybrid mode. Drops are getting more. freesync doesn't work. How can I solve this problem? I gave a high amount of money in Turkey conditions. It was very disappointing that he performed so poorly. In Mshybrid mode, I set the screen to 150hz, but it does not appear in valorant. It still detects it as 300hz. I open the dgpu, from the Nvidia control panel,I create custom resolution. it is reflected on the screen and not in the games. Asus engineers are amazing. it's been 1.5 2 months since i bought the device, i hate it now. If the 6800h is so underpowered, why do they put a 300hz display?Is there any setting I can do? The fps is very low compared to equivalent devices.I uploaded a picture and I'm getting this much fps in the maximum empty space in the game. It drops to 130fps during combat.(dgpu enabled)