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ASUS ROG Strix G15 (G512LW RTX0270) Thermal Throttling in Silent Mode?

Level 7
Anyone else experience lots of thermal throttling?

Seems I can't run Silent Mode for too long without the GPU massively thermal throttling.
Even with Performance and Turbo modes enabled, the GPU seems to run at 86C all the time. I've noticed this mainly with games like Final Fantasy 15 and Horizon: Zero Dawn on Med/High/Ultra @ 1080p. I'm sure before it went for off for repair it wasn't this sensitive?

Level 7
Anyone else exeperiencing thermal throttling in Silent mode? Seems odd that it throttles when the settings should be setup to handle the heat output vs the clock speed limits it sets for the Silent profile?

2000 series GPUs are designed to throttle. So a Silent/Quiet mode is just going to target a certain fan speed and let the components run as fast as they can with the thermal head room that is available.

If performance is worse than before you sent your machine in it may indicate an issue with the thermal interface (paste/pads). But just seeing throttling is not in and of itself a sign of a problem since it supposed to do that.
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Interestingly, I thought it was thermal throttling (which it is, but that doesn't actually appear to be the problem)

The problem seems to be down to Power Throttling down to 30Watts, when previously it was at 75Watts in silent mode?

It seems the Silent Profile is supposed to Thermal Throttle to 75C and Power Throttle to 75Watts

Under Performance and Turbo, the limits appear to be 86C and 115Watts.

Anyone able to help with why the power limit drops to 30Watts from 75Watts in Silent Mode?


The bit at the end with an 87C temp limit is where I changed the profile to Performance/Turbo

Interesting find, seems that the system does not maintain the temperature very well at the desired setpoint of 75C as the core clock speed does not drop from 1260MHz. It then seems to just put the GPU into power limiter and limits the power to 30Watts for a set duration.

I just left a game running with logs going in the background. You can see the temperature creep above the 75C limit for too long and then BAM - power limit. It will then recover when the temperature is below a certain point for a certain amount of time (I'm assuming an integration calculation).

It's quite irritating as the Silent Profile is fine for playing games in (and I often prefer it for the lower fan noise), just seem that the profile needs tweeking a bit.

I would check the support page for your model to see if there are any updates. You may need to expand the categories since sometimes the ASUS website hides updates.
A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is where a train stops. On my desk, I have a work station…