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Asus ROG STRIX G15 G512LI - Laptop not turning on/no signs of charging

Level 7

This is a recent incident. To be precise, it happened on June 11. After doing Shift + Click Shutdown, I clicked the power button the next morning. It didn't open and I plugged the charger and checked the indicators. It didn't show a red light (as the usual charging indicator). I looked at some solutions around the web. However, I couldn't fix the same problem so I figured out how to open the laptop and reconnect the battery. At first, it works then after shutting down again. I had to open up the laptop and reconnect the battery. I also looked for another way to open it by holding the power button for a minute and then pressing it again. It turns on.

This is my first time encountering the problem. I do not know the actual cause but I bought a brand-new charger with the adapter online and I'm currently using it and the same model from the older charger. But then, I've been using it for a few days. I'm guessing this might be the problem. I already checked the battery report through a expert and it seems working fine.

I need some advice on how to fix this problem. 




Level 7

I had similar issue today, i shut down later my laptop dead ,no light no nothing mine rog strix II, i check my charger with multimeter its working fine both DC /AC, i dono why it dead, cant find a solution, only other is mother board is dead. Or the jack have problem