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ASUS ROG Strix G15 2020 repaste with LM, thermal paste or don't repaste?

Level 7

Hello friends!

I've been using a gaming laptop, Asus ROG Strix G15 G512LV (i7-10750h and rtx 2060), since 2020 but for some months now I've been experiencing thermal throttle and a very limited performance in some games (Rocket League went from 120fps in turbo to barely 40fp, per example).

I'm using my holidays next week to make a clean Windows reinstallation and I'm going to open the case for the first time (I know...) to clean the mess I'll surely have, expecting the thermals to improve. Also, I will undervolt the CPU with ThrottleStop and get rid of Armory Crate for G-helper.

My worries come with the next step to improve thermals. I will try to clean the fans without uninstalling all the cooling system, so that would mean to repaste the whole thing, but if all this isn't enough, what would you do?

--- > Do you think that after 4 years cleaning the liquid metal and applying fresh thermal paste (arctic MX-6 but I can buy any other) would improve the thermals or that would impact negatively the performance even more?

I'm reading extensively about application of liquid metal but I have some concerns due to some comments stating that they (supposedly) did a good job in the application but they founded leaks anyway after moving the laptop .


Level 12

Replace it and for sure liquid metal is better not only for lower temperature and also for longer live than thermal paste 

Also your laptop must have a little thermal pads i think between the chip and the cooler that pevent the liquid metal to spread on the motherboard so if you apply liquid metal you will not have a problem becouse your laptop have a pad that protect from leaks 

Also for undervolt USE only Intel XTU and MSI afterburner if you need advice how to undervolt write here 

I also undervolt my cpu and gpu 




-170mv core

-140mv Pcore

-150mv Ecore 

For your laptop will be different but for better result you must undervolt also the cache of the cpu and do this steps one by one 

The protection pad must look something like this


 if you have more questions ask