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ASUS ROG STRIX 18 G814JV turns off after some time after entering sleep mode

Level 7

Hi all : )

Naturally, this has never happened before.

I looked in the power profiles, there is nothing like that in the settings, and I did not change them. But just in case, I deleted the profiles, created new ones and reset them to default, it didn’t help.

Not only is there no evidence of such activity in the event log, but there is no information about the shutdown at all.

There is only WIFI information/events and then the process of turning on my laptop which I turned on myself

Those. It is impossible to determine from the event log what exactly is being disabled.

And the frequency of outages varies. Sometimes the laptop turns off from sleep mode only after a couple of hours, and sometimes half an hour is enough.

And it seemed strange to me that when you put the laptop into sleep mode, the on/off button starts blinking and the keyboard backlight periodically turns on for literally 1-2 seconds. I didn't notice this before.

Maybe there is some connection in this?

Please unsubscribe, when entering sleep mode, does the power button blink or not?

In general, please help me figure out what it could be, why the laptop turns off.


Level 12

This could be a windows 11 problem I have read many of these types of issues with sleep mode.