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ASUS ROG Strix 16 is an amazing beast!

Level 7

Ive had the ROG Strix 16, RTX 4080, Intel 13650HX (cheapest 4080 with ASUS) for a few days now and it’s absolutely blowing my mind away! I know ASUS are pretty controversial this year with coil whine, BIOS faults, random crashes etc., but I wanted to post my positive experience to balance it all out. Not a single crash, no coil whine, just pure enjoyment. Laptop is as smooth as warm butter on toast, can handle all the games I’ve played on my 4K 60hz TV (MW2, Ultra- 90-100 fps; Forza 5, Ultra- 60fps capped by game; Jedi Fallen Order - 60 fps capped by game, Ultra; more to try). Cinebench 18103 on Turbo mode. RGB kicks ass; design is slick AF; lighter than my previous Dell G15 to carry for work etc. The temps during gaming have been the most impressive! Never crossed 72C and average around 45-60 c under all loads even with 4K. For work and productivity (coding and heavy dev work including virtualisation and containers) amazing performance with absolute zero lag in any task. It’s honestly the best money I’ve spent on a device ever. Couldn’t be happier!


Level 7

I also thinking to buy it. But im little confused between ROG Zephyrus M16. Need suggestion what to choose.

Have a great time.

Level 10

I have the same scar 16 4080, 1 month old and gpu thermal throttles in 40 seconds after launching a game reaching 86 degrees celsius. Incredible

Mobile GPUs are still comfortable at those temps, are you sure it's throttling? Tried different power options? Ambient temps play a significant part as well, which country are you from? 

FPS, Racing, and VR Gamer / Tech Enthusiast / ROG Admin

My room temperature is around 25 degrees. Performance/ turbo same temperatures gets to 86-87 and seldomspikes to 88-89, also tried manual with max fan, still the same. I’m suspecting bad factory thermal paste application, since in reviews  other people get around 75 degrees under same conditions on same games which is weird. After reaching it sometimes throttles the clock speed from 2400 to around 1900-1860 without stuttering, sometimes it only just stutters. Both case is very uncomfortable since i lose about 30%-40% fps best case. Tried asus official drivers and nothing seemed to change. It’s a month old and i don’t have the option to refund. I would really appreciate if you could help me. 

Again, 80-90 degress is a safe range. As you can see from the original post, the temps are very good for some people but may vary depending on several factors.


The first thing to do is check the performance against some others while eliminating temps as a limiting factor. This can be accomplished by creating an ideal environment to test in, turn up the aircon or set up some fans, and make sure the laptop is on a flat, hard surface with free space around it for sufficient air circulation. Theoretically, somebody could be siting outside in a humid country saying that it's only 25 degrees but in actual fact the humidity makes it more like 30+, and the laptop is not ventilated properly because it's stashed away in a corner while external monitor and peripherals are being used. We simply don't know, no offense but we have to ask such basic questions because it happens. Other factors to be considered are game titles, graphics and performance settings, also what other applications you are running. We can't just say Cyberpunk will run x number of fps and expect everyone to get the same on this notebook, you could double or half your fps just by changing the graphics settings. 

FPS, Racing, and VR Gamer / Tech Enthusiast / ROG Admin

I mean laptop is literally thermal throttling, i’m not concerned about the safety of the gpu or something, and nor did i complain about the fps i’m getting, i just said thermal throttling causes drop in fps. I live in 25 degree room with a huge desk with good airflow. Humiditiy is currently %7 i live in a place with no sea/ocean near it. So humidity is not affecting the temp. Idk how it is normal behavior for the laptop to throttle the gpu under load in 30 seconds. I tried in different envorinements with different spaces too and the temps are still the same.

So i raised the back of the laptop a little bit, in manual max fan i get around 81 but it’s loud, on performance mode i still get 86 but gpu doesn’t throttle severe this time only clocking to 2100 from 2200 rarely which doesn’t affect performance. For anyone thinking to buy 16 inch laptops keep in mind your temps will be close to thermal throttle range if your ambient is above any amount of normal room temperature as stated in this review too. The rog intelligent cooling thing keeping your laptop 15 degrees cooler is just a marketing lie.

Which criteria have you tested to lead you into believing there is false advertising? Please share with photos. 

FPS, Racing, and VR Gamer / Tech Enthusiast / ROG Admin


Criteria? The fact that my gpu is at the max possible temperature 87 degrees and it’s physically not possible for it to be hotter while in use and it literally says 15 degrees cooler gpu and cpu temps. As a customer what am i to understand from the sentence in the photo?