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ASUS ROG Strix 16 is an amazing beast!

Level 7

Ive had the ROG Strix 16, RTX 4080, Intel 13650HX (cheapest 4080 with ASUS) for a few days now and it’s absolutely blowing my mind away! I know ASUS are pretty controversial this year with coil whine, BIOS faults, random crashes etc., but I wanted to post my positive experience to balance it all out. Not a single crash, no coil whine, just pure enjoyment. Laptop is as smooth as warm butter on toast, can handle all the games I’ve played on my 4K 60hz TV (MW2, Ultra- 90-100 fps; Forza 5, Ultra- 60fps capped by game; Jedi Fallen Order - 60 fps capped by game, Ultra; more to try). Cinebench 18103 on Turbo mode. RGB kicks ass; design is slick AF; lighter than my previous Dell G15 to carry for work etc. The temps during gaming have been the most impressive! Never crossed 72C and average around 45-60 c under all loads even with 4K. For work and productivity (coding and heavy dev work including virtualisation and containers) amazing performance with absolute zero lag in any task. It’s honestly the best money I’ve spent on a device ever. Couldn’t be happier!


Level 12

Show an ekan screenshot showing that under Turbo mode your CPU reaches temperatures of 75°C under load.

Level 9

Hey yaktiswan. I have the version with the RTX 4070 with latest bios version 321. I use Intel Extreme Utility to undervolt the cpu Intel i7 13650HX. So you can push it a bit further (all-core p core boost 4.9-5.0 ghz) e-cores 4.2ghz, undervolt -170mv) or only use the undervolt and let the Thermal Velocity Boost of Intel decide to boost or not. 

Better lock the P core's on 5ghz for me work perfect and i think you dont need so big overclock on Ecores my are at 3.6 


Pcore cache -140

Ecore cache -150 

And i get stable temperature around 70-75 degrees whit constant cpu frequency to 5ghz 

Also i set for any case TVB1 to 80c and TVB2 to 85c if i make some heavy task's that use more than 80% cpu

Also i undervolt the GPU and get very good results i apply a 0.945mv constant voltage and work very good i can get 2700hmz stable on the core


Do u know whats the effect of overclocking the cache (L3 cache of the cpu) on Intel UXTU?

Level 8

@yaktiswan wrote:

Ive had the ROG Strix 16,........for a few days now .....

It's nice to see positive experiences. Looking forward to your 12 month update and how well that positive experience is still going. 

Level 9

There is a new bios version out, do any of you guys know what that BIOS update will change? Maybe support for 5600MHz DDR5 RAM clock speed? See:

Level 12

It's great until, it isn't. Give it some time lets see if you aren't back here with your problems down the road.

You know, it's the first time I've struggled so hard with a laptop to get it ready for work, but on the other hand, it's the first time I've had a laptop that matches the performance of desktops. Also, even setting the parameters of ThrottleStop was not easy, although I have been using this program for several years on other computers.

Buying an ASUS laptop is not a happy one, because a weak cooling system requires compromises.