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Asus rog strİx scar 17 G733PZ gets too hot and shuts down

Level 7

I just bought the laptop and when I use it for normal internet browsing the CPU goes up to 75 degrees. When I entered Doom Eternal, the CPU temperature was 93 degrees and it shut down after a while. Later, when I looked while playing Chivalry 2, the CPU temperature was 86, but it suddenly shut down again. When I turned the laptop back on the CPU value showed 94. Is anyone having this problem and how can I solve this problem?


Level 7

Those temps are actually not that high. You're games are probably crashing for some other reason. To check this, set a 100% fan curve and set your max CPU to 99% in your performance plan. This is just to test. Now play the games. You'll notice your temps are much cooler but your games still crash. That's because your issue is not related to heat as the temps you mentioned are within spec.

Level 12

If you check 10 pages back and search for a problem like your - overheating or stutters  read some post you will know very good what happen whit your laptop and what you can try to fix the problem just need to read and thing .... This other problems are very similar whit your and the information is alot to write everytime same things same advice 

Level 10

Hi. I have the same issue with my G18 but it's related to the GPU Hot Spot. Another also has that issue. Download HWiNFO64 and run it. Monitor the sensors temperature while playing a game. Check the GPU Hot Spot Temperature and check if it's reaching 107c+. Mine reaches 109c and shuts down.

It means we need to repaste.

ASUS G18 - RTX 4080 - 32GB DDR5 5600 MHZ - I9-13980HX.

Level 7

There is no problem now, I think it's fixed. I switched the GPU to ultimate mode from the Armory crate application and used it for a while, then I switched it to normal mode and the shutdown stopped. I tried this for a few hours in many games in normal mode.