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Asus ROG SCAR EDITION 2 GL504GS cpu gets way to hot and huge lag spikes

Level 7
Hi guys,

Bought this beast a couple of months ago and im getting huge lag spikes during gaming because my cpu gets way to hot.
I've seen temperatures of around 96 degrees and i know that should not happen.
When playing The Division for example, almost every couple of seconds my game goes from 80 to around 20 fps and from what i'm seeing is in combination with the high temperatures. (Im playing on ultra but ive checked with changing the settings to low and it's still the same problem.)
When checking task manager. You can clearly see that when the spikes occur the cpu usage drops below 50% (CPU speed stays at 3.91 at that moment, so it's only the usage that drops.)
When intel extreme tuning utility is running you can also see that is tells me my cpu is thermal throttling every couple of second.
It seems that my fans can't keep my system cool, which you would expect from a machine that costs 2000 euro's (2266 dollar!!!!)

Im on the latest bios version for my laptop (305).
Windows is up to date, and so is the nvidia driver.
Not using any cooling pads.
Fan is runing on the overboost option so is not limited.

Anyone has any idea's what to do??
It kinda sucks right now...

My system has i7-8750h cpu
1070 gpu
16gb ram.

I hope that ive giving enough information, otherwise please ask and i will provide it.

Level 7
ROG laptop is overheating... even new laptops... i noticed when u turn on whisper mode in nvidia settings and set fps limit to 60 it works fine.

Do you still need help with this?