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Asus Rog GL703VD worst laptop on the planet. Serious problems.

Level 7
First of all, sorry for my bad english, i'm italian and i know English very badly.
At the end of january, i bought this (NEW) pc from a store near my city. I waited a week for the pc to be sent to the store, then i took it and brought at home. i paided it 1500 euro
From the beginning it has this problems:
1. HDD or SSD insane noise.

2. Random black screen.
3. Audio doesn't sound clean, but it is soflty distorted when the volume is above 80%

4.HDD or SSD noise in conjuction with disk 100% in the task manager

5. This problem in the video.
PS. On, on this pc, there is a review where a customer has uploaded a video with the same problem (the review was date 18 of january, a week or two week before i bought the pc

6. GPU 100% spikes with lag (intel graphics HD630). One spike every 20/30 seconds. I see the peaks on the task manager in the 3D graphics
7. When i scroll Facebook, and a video starts automatically, the pc stutters
8. Edge seems locked, i can't move tab, can't close, it's buggy.
9. The touchpad sometimes works bad

Some of these problems occured occasionally (1, 2, 4, 5, 8), some of these daily(3, 6, 7, 9)
How i tried to solve these problems:
1. Clean installation of Windows (several times)

2. Normal installation of Windows (several times)

3. upgrade ALL drivers
4.Downgrade GPU drivers

5. Other things that now i can't remember

I have 4 years of warranty.
i preferred to avoid assistance for now, because i use this laptop for college and my job. Besides i'm scared of assistance, because some of these problems occur sporadically, and i think that they send me back the computer without doing anything.
i'm looking for help and advice.

i called several times assistance, but can't help me. They said to sent to them the pc.
some things were hard to say in English, and I avoided to say it, but the pc also has other minor problems. Thanks

Level 7
Do you mean GL702 VS or GL703VD? I cannot find any info on a GL702VD.

That really sounds like a fan noise. SSD will not make noise. Your HDD is not near the area where the noise is coming from. Contact Asus for support.

Level 7
I'm also going to disregard your first section. SSDs do not make noise. I cannot hear any odd noise in your videos.

Level 7
asus GL703VD. Sorry!

Level 7
i suppose that the noise was generated by HDD or SSD, if i'm wrong i'm sorry, but the noise is really heavy

Level 7
GPU spikes mean nothing, especially when it comes to the integrated graphics. Call tech support. If they ask you to send it in, send it in. Simple.

Level 8
Noises like that come from fans of HDD. SSD dont make noise. But seeing the glitches and issues in windows i would say the HDD is failing. If you like you can remove it and see if the noise and issues are solved.
I used this vid for my gl503vm :

But as Peneoark said you should use your warranty even if you "fix" the laptop.

Level 7
Thanks for the explanation

Level 7
Hi, i didn't open my laptop, because i read that by removing some stickers in the laptop then i lose the warranty. Anyway, i'll send the laptop to support on august, but i want to know if this other problem is normal. Seems buzzing

There is in another old video, but here you hear better. Thanks