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Asus Rog GL703GM Blacklit keyboard turns off, doesn't turn on again problem

Level 7
Hi all!

As the title says, i have some backlit problems.
When the Notebook is not in charge and is not used, always happened that the keyboard backlit turned off, turning on again normally when used.
Now, the blacklit turns off, and doesn't turn on again when i use it (Actually while typing is turned off).
The only way to make it work again, is to open and close Aura Core, and sometimes i can't even change the backlit brightness.

Is there a solution for this problem? (Days ago, the bios was updated. Can this be a problem?)

I apologize for my english
Thanks 🙂

Level 8
Delete your ATK package in the control panel and re-install from the official ASUS website and try again.
That should at least fix the issue youre having with the FN+light-/= not working.

If you have further issues, then RMA it as KB backlight is controlled by EEPROM and only ASUS have the relevant firmware to restore its functionality

I've done everything as you suggested reinstalling the ATK package and actually it worked.

Thank you 🙂

More than welcome, happy it was resolved for you 🙂

Hello I have exactly same issue but re-installing ATK Package did not help me.

Which version did you install? I installed one from ASUS site for my laptop model ASUSKeyboardHotkeysDriver_ASUS_CFL_W10_64_V2030

Unfortunatelly in battery mode keyboard backlit won't turn on again without opening, saving and closing Aura Core.

The problem appeared again a day ago.

Customer service says that i have to RMA the netbook if the problem persists. (and this will be the second time)
But i noticed one thing:
when the notebook is unplugged, if the Aura Core software is open, the keyboard backlit works normally, turning on again when used.

I...i just don't know what to do.