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Asus ROG GL702V-MDB300T Cannot Factory Reset and Recovery After Virus

Level 7
Hi Admin and friend.

I'm new here. I just brought my Asus ROG GL702VM for about 2 weeks. Now my problem is my rog just infected virus from my friend HDD and now windows are mess up everything. I cant reset my notebook back again to factory reset. The windows said so many .dll missing and start taskbar & search also cant click. If there any solutions to get back my laptop to original stage or where I can get the disk to get back the factory reset? Or If i send to Asus centre, can I get to the same original stage as a new one? Really hope someone can help me.

Thank you.

Level 7
I think your best bet is a clean install. From another PC use Windows Media Creation tool and create a USB stick to install from. Afterwords download Nvidia drivers and from ASUS support download any programs you want from the Utilities section. From the Others section download Thunderbolt software and you may need to reflash so download the latest Thunderbolt firmware. Everything else I personally let Windows handle installing from Windows Update except Realtek Audio, Intel WiFi and Bluetooth drivers (you can let Windows handle these to I just like to have the latest drivers).
Now with the USB stick installed Hit the ESC key when booting to get the boot menu and select the USB stick and start the installation. Don't worry about needing a Windows key and if it asks for one just select Skip and when online it will activate.