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Asus Rog GL553VD (Too low,restarts,issues).

Level 7
Asus Rog GL553VD,sorry.
Hello guys!just buyed asus rog gaming laptop,model gl553vd,with previous win10 x64 installed,then buyed windows 10 pro.
At the first try to play games,the system is too low,error DSR,restarting laptop few times,100% disc use ever.
Is now when i try to geet better combo with win10 pro full updated,but the same,system is too low,screen freezes,dsr error,cpu getting 80-85º playing league of legends,for sure all drivers intalled,updated,now the system do not use the 100% of the disc,but i have the same problem,temperature of the CPU is too high,and the system continue too low with freezes when open programs,or just opening task manager.
I have normal pv i5 2500k no oc,and its x4 times more fast than this rog laptop.
Anyone knows any general problem,or im doing something wrong?Thanks in advance.
Note:I do format and install windows 4 times.

Level 8
about the 100% disk use:

I have same laptop, lol plays fine locking cpu at 70% - 80fps@60ºC average, except when is a MF, bronzesuo, malph, ori, kaisa at same time lol (jk, all fine)
unlocking everything. it goes to 140 fps and max 70º C

there is something wrong RMA those laptrash. I got mine at 2nd try and very happy ^_^