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Asus rog GL553 VE FAN ISSUES

Level 7
Hello 🙂 I have this fan issue and is annoying so when i start up my laptop the fan works oke but when i enter a game it began to work at full speed (i know it is something normal) but when i exit the game the fan still works at full speed not for like 10 minutes (as usual so he can cool ) it works at full speed maybe for hours.
Also the fan is not responding to the rog gameing center fan settings. I tried to put it at 10% yes the fan slow down but after a short period (5min) it starts to work at full speed and it won't display how manny rpm i have ...plz help

Level 7
Wow, that's preety strange to hear. Did you update anything in the last days? Get further so I can help you better 🙂

No i did not update anything. I was playing some games and after i decided to watch a movie after a while i noticed that the fan was working at full speed. I did a restart and it worked fine. Its strange becaus the fan is working fine and it respond to rog gameing center when i start my laptop til i enter a game ...