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ASUS ROG GL552JX - black screen, now won't boot.

Level 7

Hope you can advise / help.

I bought a new ASUS ROG GL552JX about 3 years ago (good price deal) as a backup for an old laptop that was starting to deteriorate, but is still working !!.

However, only used the new purchase infrequently over 18 months. update from win8.1 to win10. All seemed fine but then started to have problems after updating the Nvidia grapics card driver as suggested by the Nvidia loaded software. Should have kept to the old saying "if it ain't broke don't fix it".

The next few times the PC started, I had intermittent black screen or as if the laptop was in sleep mode. On startup it would seem to boot as the HDD spins, etc but the screen remained black. Scoured the web for a fix and it seemed to suggest there was a common issue with that driver update. Tried plugging PC monitor into SVGA port but black screen on that as well. Never managed or had time to investigate or attempt a fix any further.

As on current lockdown, decided to have another try, but now the situation seems even worse. On front status panel the power indicator and airplane mode white lights are on constant. The HDD activity light does not illuminate.

To turn the laptop power off I have to remove the battery.

The item is out of warranty. Any thoughts please ?

Level 7
The laptop will now power down by pressing the power button, but nothing further.

Any help please

Nobody willing to offer any help ?

Thought the idea of this forum was to provide assistance 😞

Level 9
Hello DJEyeballPaul,
Please kindly send your device to service center.
Thank you.

Hi Blake@ASUS.

Thanks for your reply. I was hoping there could be a way to sort this myself but it's looking more like a PC repair shop.