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Asus ROG GL503VS Scar Edition fan noise how bad is it ? (55db)

Level 7
It seems like a great laptop but almost all reviews says its extremly loud in gaming 55db around. I never heard this much db noise in gaming laptop before

So I want to know from user eyes. Whats your opinions about this

Level 8
55 is arguable, meaning some might find that loud and others will see it is normal for a gaming laptop, for me the GL series from Asus is on the quiet side of gaming laptops considering their reasonably small size/weight.

There are also plenty of ways to get the heat under control and thus reducing the fan speed along with it.

Want to hear loud? go look at the Razer Blade laptops..*

This is a quote from the review i linked below

“*The dual fans will be very audible when gaming, though no worse than the 14" MSI GS40 Phantom or even the larger Dell XPS 15 when gaming. If you intend to game frequently and don't like loud fans, this isn't your machine. Look to something with a signficantly larger chassis like the 5.5 lb. Asus ROG Strix GL502VS or the 7.7 lb. Alienware 15 R3. That's the price we pay for a very thin, light and small laptop that has the horsepower of a 15 to 17 inch gaming laptop.“


FastM wrote:

Want to hear loud? go look at the Razer Blade laptops..*

lol. this tickled me.

thanks for da good laugh.
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