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ASUS ROG GL503VD how to flash KB Firmware to another?

Level 7

Hello everyone!

I have GL503VD

I took the advice to update the keyboard program (stopped working and there was no backlight).
But inattentively made and flashed the keyboard controller not from model 503 like mine, but from 703 to version 220
In principle, everything worked, but the CAPS LOCK indicator and the power key do not light up.
program don’t want to re-flash again, since version 220 and he thinks that there are no updates.
Tell me how to flash the keyboard controller again with the same version but for a different model? (to 503 model)

is there a newer version than GL503GE.220.0.bin or GL503VD.220.0.bin?


The instructions I did:

1) Download ASUS Keyboard Adjustment Tool from Other session (Driver and tools from Asus website):

2) Install 7zip

3) Extract KBFWUpdateTool_v1.0.5_forSupportSite.exe

4) Click with right button on KBFWUpdateTool_v1.0.5 and click on 7zip > Extract here

5) Open fw folder

6) Create a copy of the file: GL703GE.220.0

7) Rename it to file: GL503VD.220.0

Go back and execute the ROGKBFWUpdateTool.exe file

9) Be happy with your working keyboard