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Asus ROG GL502VS Keyboard is not working after Windows 10 version 1809 Installed

Level 7
My laptop keyboard is not working on Windows 10 version 1809, only fn keys

I tried 2 basic troubleshooting:
1. Reinstall driver under device manager, but it was error.(Driver is not intended for this platform)
2. Install Asus Keyboard adjustment tool from asus support page.(Your Keyboard firmware is the latest version)

then, I contact Asus online Service desk. They ask me to try to install a latest atk, but it was already installed on my laptop, and then ask me try reinstall, uninstall first then restart, then install and restart, still not working.

I go back to Asus online service desk, atk reinstall is not a solution, they ask me to reset the windows 10, but that's not the good idea, I reply back then. I need a driver update for windows 10 version 1809, I ask them an email address for Asus developer team to solve this issue, but they did'tn give, and they're will report this issue to the department and give feedback on me(I'm not hoping for this feedback, 100% asus wont work on this)

My solution is: Restore to previous build OS, now my keyboard is working.

Better replace other brand, sad asus support 😞
Satisfied with the built and hardware, but not the OS compatibility.


Level 7
Same issue here, just rollback to the older version of windows. DO NOT UPDATE to 1809 now, i'm using FX502VMZ. Not happy with the new version of window as it breaks a lot of things. Do not reset, i suspect that the newer version of window 10 breaks the driver.

Level 11
Weird. Mine worked fine on 1809. GL502VSK