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ASUS ROG GL 553VE Throttling

Level 7
I just bought ASUS ROG GL 553VE Notebook with GTX 1050TI graphic card and i7 7700HQ processor.
I am happy with this notebook but I am encountering problem with performance loss after few minutes of gaming.
After few minutes the processor and GC reaches about 83, 85°C and then clocking drops to 2.6Ghz CPU and in result it makes most games unplayable.
I am asking if there is some solution for this issue. I still can make a refund for 10 days which I am taking into account right now.

Level 7
Hello Hunteerq
Did you plug in your laptop and set your computer to performance mode in your power options?
What games are you playing with this laptop?
If you would like to refund your laptop, please return to your original place of purchase if you can
Thank you

First, you can lower temps for ~10C with disabling Intel Turbo Boost: Control Panel > Power Options > Change Plan Settings > Change Advanced Power Settings > Maximum processor state > set 99% (minimum should also be lower 100%).
It will make processor operate on base frequency, but will also keep it from overheating. This will not signaficantly reduce game peformance: in Dark Souls III it keeps fps 55-60 as it was at 100% maximum state, and only in one location, in leads to ~10 frame drop.

Also you can try downvolting your processor, see here. But such direct intervention in power plan is on your own risk.

P.S.: And what do you mean with "and in result it makes most games unplayable"?

Hi Bill..i am also getting same temperatures between 83-85 degrees while gaming on my GL553VE with full power performance on games like mafia 3, mass effect andromeda, etc..will returning the laptop and getting a new would make any difference in temperatures? what i mean to ask is do you think that it is not normal to get such temperatures on GL553VE?


I have a 1 week old GL553VE with 1050Ti too. Im also experiencing the same worries about the temperatures ranging from 80-86 while playing Prey / ARMA 3 / Dishonored 2. As what Lord Obsidian has mentioned I also disabled Turbo Boost to get around ~5- to 10 C drop in temperature to preserve the lifespan of the hardware. Performance-wise I can't really notice any drop in fps but i leave aida64 in the background to monitor system stability and it does indicate CPU throttling once cpu reaches 85. Max GPU is 79C. Been doing a lot of reading and I saw somewhere the predecessors of this line of laptops have better cooling. I guess it's because of the new hardware??? So you are not alone hunter. May I know what game are you playing that becomes unplayable? Maybe I have it and I can check it for you.