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Asus ROG G614 Stuttering

Level 8

Hello everyone, I'm here today to expose the lack of profesionalism and quality of the Asus technical service, long history short:
Some time ago I started to experience an awuful performance degradation in games with a new Asus ROG STRIX G16 G614JV. Mainly a continuos stuttering, if you want to know the details please check my older thread:
(thanks to @eXplode  and @Bogus5 for their tips and help)

I'm not from US, so I have to sent it overseas in order to ask for waranty, Asus took the RMA and in a couple of days it was returned, but, they didn't do absolutely nothhing!!! I stated clearly what the issue was, checkout the RMA:


I even added a note within the laptop, pointing out that it was overheating, that a 30% load I got over 95° temps, any way, look at what the help full asus technician wrote in the "repair report":


They only re installed the SO!!!, this laptop can install the windows by itself only with an internet connection and they think that this wasn't the first thing that I tried!!??. So I reached to asus to find a way to solve this terrible mistake, and got this:



With this I knew that the asus warranty was useless, so I took apart the laptop, and break the "warranty" seal only to find out this "surprising" discovery:



The liquid metal was all over the place, I was lucky that it did not toasted the motherboard, so after cleaning all this mess of liquid metal and replace it with a good thermal paste, the laptop is working perfectly cpu temp stays mostly under 80°.

I think that this is something that the assus support should have addressed easly if they had at least tryed, I dont know why the didn't even attempt to run a 3d benchmark in a Gaming laptop to certify that it was working acordingly to the product specification (my problem was so bad that old benchmarks like unheaven 3D stutter). And they're so  bold to even write in the report:


Lost about 200 bucks in transport fees and all the time wasted in the shipment process, well, I will never buy again asus, I know, the hardware is good, and I was very unlucky with this exact unit, but hey! to got a support as bad as this, I will preffer to roll dice with any chinese brand on aliexpress,  It will cost wayyy cheaper, and I will got the same support: Fix It By Myself, or buy MSI or another big one to find out whats like their soupport jajaja.

Any way, I want to leave this here for anyone having the same issues as me in the previous thread, for sure your liquid metal is off the cpu die and its not transfering enought heat to the heatsink, causing thermal throttling, check your cpu/gpu temps! (maybe the cheap thermal paste they use in the gpu is crystalized, mine was).


Level 12


Liquid metal is a dangerous solution and almost always spills on the CPU laminate when the laptop is used on the go. Good Thermal Grizzly Carbonaut and Kryosheet thermopads are much safer, because they are not inferior to liquid metals in terms of thermal conductivity. Carbonut has a conductivity of 62 W/mK and does not age.

Silicone-based thermal pastes are very weak and some dry out after just a month.

Level 12

Anyway, liquid thermal pastes based on silicone have a maximum thermal conductivity of 14 W/mK, so they are not suitable for efficient processors.

Level 8

Yes, in my opinion the liquid metal isn't a good option for a laptop, you gain a couple of degrees in heat transfer, but the difference is not so high compared with good old thermal paste to afford this risk of spilling and losing a lot of heat transfer and maybe other failures, also the thermopads that you mention should be the option that asus must had implemented in this gaming laptops, at least for the CPU / GPU. But no, the CPU has the liquid metal, GPU and VRM Mosfets had cheap thermal paste that already got dry.