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Asus ROG G614 Stuttering

Level 8

Hello I have since about 3 months ago or so experimenting a sttutering in any recent game, I think thats something related to temp and sensors here is my system config:

Model G614JV
BIOS Version : 321
NVIDIA Display Driver : (546.24)
Intel Graphics Driver :
Windows Build Version : Windows 11 Home V 10.0.22621
Game/Software experiencing stuttering: Everything, but specially in games apps that require video acceleration.

I have reinstalled many times changed the SSD, I tryed a clean install but the windows setup cannot continue (if any one knows the trick to instal with out that asus launcher and have a real clean install without all that bloat ware would also be appreciated).

When I run benchmarks or any games the temp value keeps jumping like this:
Is this normal?? the spikes seems to correlate with the FPS drop.

Also here are two videos that show the sudden drop in frames, it seems like a ciclic drop:

Im out of ideas, in other thread I was recommended to turn off g-sync, that didn't made any change, so I'm thiking to send it to warranty.
If someone has any other thing to test or if the support staff can helpme I would be very grateful.

Thanks in advance.


When you unplug the AC adapter your laptop automatically lower the power that provide to the GPU and CPU and this is the only reason that you get lower temps 

I am sure when they repair your laptop you will like it a lot because is great but you dont have a luck whit your 

It was easy to find the problem whit the good information that you provide and when they repair your laptop write here what was the reason that will help in future 

Everything good and luck whit the repair 

Level 9

As for me I found the reason why my CPU was throttling (bad dust buildup, I'm in an extremely dusty room so I should've known better) I think that was the reason for the stutters I had for over 2 months haha. I'm planning to try and clean it myself to avoid paying anything, but I'm not experienced in disassembling laptops at all so I'll try to be careful.

This one is very easy to open, it has a few screws and the cap is secured by pression, but it even have a screw in a corner that helps with the initial disassembling, you must hace some care but clean dust can be done with no super specialized training or uncommon tools, you can check this video all the models are similar:

Thank you so much for providing the video, I'm going to do it today. It does look pretty easy to open up, I thought it'd be more complicated haha

Hello, today I have almost entirely cleaned the dust from my laptop, and my temps have reduced by 10C. Now I experience basically no stutters at all, just extremely tiny ones but they're rare and aren't a big problem to me. Thanks to people in this forum for making me figure out the reason behind my stuttering 

You even musnt have a tiny stutters try to make a custom profile for gaming in armory crate also buy a coooling pad that will improve your temperature and update all your drivers 

For my laptop i use IobitDriver updater its free from the officiall site 

Download it update all drivers and after this this delete the program you will not need it soon 

Just to mention if you update your drivers DO NOT UPDATE ONLY THE STORAGE DRIVER everything else can be updated but check if you have storage driver update uncheck the box and dont update it 

Also you must have newest Nvidia drivers 

This steps must fix your minimal stutter becouse even for me in games like MW3 where i play whit 200fps one small stutter in the bad moment is problem and is very anoing